Tin Mei and Tin Mei Han streams (田尾坑右源), two tributaries to High Island reservoir, provide some fine views & fun.

  • Beauty/fun: 6.5/10 The lower section and the views of the reservoir from below are spectacular. The upper stream you go the more jungle like it is. Views from Tin Mei Shan on a clear day are very nice with Tai Long Wan in one side and Saikung town, Kau Sai Chau and the sea in the other.
  • Difficulty: 6/10 If you want to do it all you might struggle a bit with the vegetation. Little sections with high cliffs. Relatively isolated and far from public transportation.
  • Map

See full screen and the Garmin track of the full Tin Mei streams loop.

Red downhill super bushy stream. I have added the purple line that could be an alternative down path used by other hikers before. Blue Tin Mei going up and branching to Tin Mei Han stream. Green Tin Mei up, bit less interesting. Yellow exit out back through the ridge of the hills. Fuchsia to Sai Wan pergola or connection up Sai Wan (Double Deer) stream. Main interest points (waterfalls and pools) marked with the flags.

Only “public” transportation is the 29R minibus departing from Chan Man Street (outside McDonald’s) in SaiKung town center. Other options would require you taking a taxi or bus to Pak Tam Chung and extra couple of kilometers walk on the road.

The most spectacular areas are by far the lower part of the stream connecting with the reservoir, where the highest falls, up to just the initial part of the stream after the road. The upper sections of the stream, in either tributary, are more a jungle like adventure. If I would need to choose a route for a fun long day I would give it a try to the purple + blue + fuchsia and connect with Double Deer and back to the roads close to Pak Tam Chung.

Pictures and videos of a quite dry version of the outing in May 2018 (exactly the Garmin track above’s).