Qiu Feng stream(秋楓石澗) is a cute easy one that can be hiked on its own upwards or as an end of a long day starting on Double Deer or Tin Mei streams.

  • Beauty/fun: 6/10 Several nice looking waterfalls, clean water, pools to dip into, within easy access
  • Difficulty: 5/10 Half of the stream has a civilized path meters apart, all the waterfalls are climbable but there are parallel side paths to hike on. Only if with bad grip shoes or rain wet you might need a rope for weaker hikers.
  • Map

See full screen and Garmin track.

You can take public transportation till almost the very entrance of the stream. Either any bus going to Wong Shek pier, or specifically the minibus going to the Lady Maclehose Holiday Village, the stop where to get down. If driving, you will need to stop a bit more than a km behind, at the Pak Tam Chung parking. Walk a bit on the road and find your way down to the stream just behind the railing, next to the streetlight.

Initially, the slope is minimal and therefore the stream is tranquil and the jungle can be a bit overgrown.

Side paths did not look easier (Sep 2018), but it was not especially thorny nor unpleasant. Arriving at the first pool and waterfall.

It can be climbed relatively easily, otherwise, there is a dry path on its left.

Continue on the main stream, East direction. There is only one fork that can be misleading. A smaller tributary heading on NE direction crossing the Luk Wu Country trail that you will walk down later. If you are in the correct direction (check your GPS if needed) you will soon arrive at the second (smaller) pool. Climbable fall too, but trickier than the previous one. The side path can be more challenging too if the rocks are wet or with inexperienced hikers. We set up a rope in case. Watch in the video (38 sec)

A bit higher on the stream, after the dam, arriving at the One Line fall (一線瀑). There is an easy path within the forest from where I was taking the picture, on the right side. Look for the ribbons.

Definitely climbable too on the left side.

Final sizeable pool and waterfall.

You will hike for a while still, until you arrive at the end of the interesting part of the stream, just after here.

Find the ribbons towards the aforementioned Luk Wu country trail, that should be less than 20 m on your left (North), and head down back to the road.

Everything you should know before stream hiking.