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Wang Chung stream

The Plover Cove country park has very popular waterfalls, mainly Bride’s Pool. Just minutes walking from there you find a really nice stream to hike.

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D-Bay waterfalls

Discovery Bay has super accessible streams. Easy and cute with several extra fun spots around.

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Tai Shing Upper NW

I already wrote about the lower section of this stream. The upper is even more fun and difficult.

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Tai Yuen (大圓) stream

A bit more complex but also very interesting stream going up the hills of Tai Mo Shan. Stairs-like falls included.

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Lotus Stream(蓮花石澗)

Remote waterfalls within a Vietnam war movie like jungle environment. Can be fun or can be bit nasty. Continue reading “Lotus Stream(蓮花石澗)”

Sir Cecil’s stream

A good initiation stream hike conveniently located in Hong Kong island.

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Au Pui Wan (坳背灣) stream

Stream 20 minutes walking distance from FoTan MTR station, with pools to dip into and different hiking options around.

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Tai Cho (大曹) stream

Going up almost to the peak of Tai Mo Shan in a fun and “easy-ish” stream, pools to dip into. What more can you ask for!? 🙂 Continue reading “Tai Cho (大曹) stream”

Nei Sham stream

One of the several streams in Lantau. A big nice waterfall, several smaller ones and big boulders to climb. Continue reading “Nei Sham stream”

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