Having fun under the amusement park. Sea caves, nice rock formations, fishermen getting all kind of different mollusks.

  • Beauty/fun: 7/10 As soon as you pass all the construction and back entrance area to Ocean Park the rock formations are very interesting. A small cave to go through, huge sea caves to swim around. The Eastern shore is flatter but full of life and fishermen.
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): 7/10 There are a lot of areas where the scrambling is tricky or requires you swimming. There are tons of boats coming in and out of Aberdeen Channel creating waves even in the calmer days.
  • Map

and the Garmin track.

There are different public transportation options, closest MTR station Wong Chuk Hang. 2km till the place you will need to get into the water. Back entrance to Ocean Park and construction site (May18), marked on the map. You need to jump into the water and walk on the concrete blocks (which is not the nicest)

or swim to the real natural coast (what we finally did). Another option is just going to the port and hiring a little boat to take you up to the starting point. Once in the opposite side, the fun starts soon with a little cave that you can go through.

Here the exit.

The scramble requires quite some skill.

You will be seeing the Park just above. Under huge sea caves.

In this part, you will need to swim several sections unless you want to scramble high and difficult.

Strongly not recommended. If you are going to try, you better be really confident with your skills and bring helmet and lifejacket. After the second flag marked on the map the route becomes easier. You will need to jump into the water way less. Nevertheless still this it is not

an easy hike.

Here we saw quite some people fishing and picking up all kind of seafood: urchins, crabs, clams, barnacles… Also some “eagles” (I think Black Kites)… One attacked me! I guess that her nest was around and considered me a threat, as I was standing in checking mode. Not looking for her eggs or chicks, but that the lady who likes to scramble difficult walls was not getting into trouble… In any case, she did not hurt me, just a hit with the wing and couple of close passes above my head whenever I was not looking at it. I jumped to the water, swim for some meters and done. Bit more of coasteering and end up

in the promenade under Island Road.

from where to walk to the Ocean Park MTR station.

Some more pictures and videos