Bluff island is a good spot for anchoring a “boat party”. A nice beach, water, corals and a fun short coasteering.

  • Beauty/fun: 7/10 The Northern tip is good enough to start enjoying the beauty of the Hong Kong Geopark with its peculiar rock formations. Several cliff jumping spots. Comparatively clear water.
  • Difficulty: 4/10 In a calm sea day the route is quite simple. You can be scrambling in low boulders and the jumping in and exit spots (shortish swimming sections) are simple. I have added a notch of difficulty cause the Eastern shore is a bit exposed and the waves come in easy. One possible early exit marked on the map (green line) through a bit dense bushwalking with ribbons (May 2018).
  • Map

The only way to arrive at the island is by private boat, kayak or crazy open water swimming (mainly due to heavy traffic of all kind of boats). The bay with the beach within is a perfect spot for anchoring the boat. On the Northern side you should be able to find a bushy path that will lead you to the Eastern shore. Then onwards the route is quite straightforward. After the connection with the green line (it starts on the top of the rocks, connection with bushes) the cliffs become less steep. Once in the Western coast, around the coral area the rocks are easiest to hike on. In less than 2 hours you can leisurely do it all.

Video and photos of it.

The Island offers way more though. I have marked in the Southern tip the cave that traverse it, already mentioned, with very impressive cliffs around. Quite some other interesting features and caves en route. Full island coasteering in another post.