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Tai Shing Upper North

I already wrote about the lower & NW sections. The Northern one is almost as fun as the latter and less difficult.

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Shek Lung Chai stream

Starting from the same MTR station an alternative plan to Ma Dai stream. Not as spectacular but cleaner and with less people in the falls.

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Qiu Feng Stream

Qiu Feng stream(秋楓石澗) is a cute easy one that can be hiked on its own upwards or as an end of a long day starting on Double Deer or Tin Mei streams.

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Flying Phoenix & Dragon streams

Twin streams in Saikung country park. Dry in cooler months, really pretty after several days of rain. Climbable in hardcore or easy ways.

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Nei San stream

Quite close to Tung Chung, another way to go up to the Buddha temple within crystalline water and challenging jungle waterfalls.

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Stream hiking 101

A brief introduction to a really fun activity that you can do in Hong Kong, enjoying the summer heat outdoors.

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Dai Sek stream (大石石澗)

Imagine Ng Tung Chai but steeper, with no “civilized” paths or people and more waterfalls. That’s Dai Sek or Tai Shek. Dangerous though.

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Lam Tei – Hung Shui Hang

Good initiation stream hike. Gentle slope, tons of easy exits upwards, incremental difficulty, pristine water, some nice waterfalls.

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Lower Shing Mun

Lower Shing Mun reservoir provides a nice short stream and adventure hike. It can be added to a day of tunnels or others above.

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