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Dai Sek stream (大石石澗)

Imagine Ng Tung Chai but steeper, with no “civilized” paths or people and more waterfalls. That’s Dai Sek. Quite dangerous though.

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Lam Tei – Hung Shui Hang

Good initiation stream hike. Gentle slope, tons of easy exits upwards, incremental difficulty, pristine water, some nice waterfalls.

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Lower Shing Mun

Lower Shing Mun reservoir provides a nice short stream and adventure hike. It can be added to a day of tunnels or others above.

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Tsing Tam stream

Tsing Tam stream (清潭石澗) is an infrequently hiked & relatively wide jungle stream with several nice pools and waterfalls.

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High Island streams

Tin Mei and Tin Mei Han streams (田尾坑右源), two tributaries to High Island reservoir, provide some fine views & fun.

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Stanley coasteering & stream

A route that includes good coasteering and stream hiking starting from Stanley main beach, ending undefined (different options).

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Wong Nai Tun stream

Nice stream with a couple of thin but cute waterfalls ending in Thousand Islands or another easy stream down.

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Ma Sai stream

One of those streams that looked promising on the map but was not fun overall. Be careful if heading here.

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North Dragon stream

Next to Wong Lung Han you have a stream which is mostly known for its ending. The Celestial Book, two almost perfectly perpendicular walls that resemble gods’ writing.

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