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Tsing Lung stream

Tsing Lung (Green Dragon) Stream (青龍石澗) is a very interesting way up to Sunset peak. Several high waterfalls, pools to dip into, high cliffs relatively easy to scramble on.

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Ling Bai stream

Different streams in the South West of Lantau island. Nothing especially impressive, but good for a day going up and down these watercourses and the hills around.

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High Junk Peak

Quite some people associate Clear Water Bay with relaxed, or party mode, junk boat days. The area offers way more including an iconic peak and a special looking island.

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Yin Ngam stream

Relatively wide and easy stream good for beginners with some stamina, as it can get a bit long. Only small waterfalls but with nice pools where to take a rest.

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South Heaven’s Gate classic

I have written about this iconic landmark several times. Here a summary of all the options, including the classic route.

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Cow pond stream 牛塘石澗

I wanted to give other tributaries connecting with the main stream down South Heaven’s Gate a try. Just a cute but not especially interesting one.

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Teapot ridge (茶壺咀脊)

Another easier way to go to South Heaven’s Gate (all the routes here). Not as spectacular as Dog’s Tooth version, but suitable for less experienced hikers or those with mild vertigo.

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Pipe & Obelisks

Out of the ordinary constructions within Hong Kong landscape. Good for initiation hike or to add to longer routes.

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Woo Yang Shan

and the boulder area to arrive at it are one of the most spectacular dry routes up Tai Mo Shan Country Park.

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