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Wild life encounters

The more you hike in the less “civilized” paths the more chances you have to see the real natural Hong Kong, including snakes, wild boars, etc.

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Kumano Kodo

The Kumano Kodo are the ancient pilgrimage routes in the Kii peninsula (Wakayama Prefecture). El Camino de Santiago Japanese style.

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Double Dragon

Double Dragon stream (雙龍石澗) is another interesting way up to Sunset Peak. First section with several pools to dip into. Second section with the best waterfalls.

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Tung Lung stream

The East Dragon stream (東龍石澗) is the little brother of Wong Lung Hang. Usually a shorter route (you could continue up till the very Sunset Peak) but full of all kind of falls.

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Fa Tam 花潭 stream

Fa Tam (花潭石澗 flower pond) is a cute easy-ish stream. Good to test newbies; with incremental difficulty, several early exits, and nice waterfalls and pools midway.

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Tungsten mines

From 1935 to 1967 tungsten was mined under Needle Hill. Remains of the buildings, tunnels, and others are still there within the growing vegetation, ready to be explored.

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Tsing Lung stream

Tsing Lung (Green Dragon) Stream (青龍石澗) is a very interesting way up to Sunset peak. Several high waterfalls, pools to dip into, high cliffs relatively easy to scramble on.

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Ling Bai stream

Different streams in the South West of Lantau island. Nothing especially impressive, but good for a day going up and down these watercourses and the hills around.

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High Junk Peak

Quite some people associate Clear Water Bay with relaxed, or party mode, junk boat days. The area offers way more including an iconic peak and a special looking island.

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