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Basalt island coasteering

Next to Bluff island you can find another premium coasteering spot whose highlight is a 30 metres arch to swim through.

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Cape D’Aguilar coasteering

Spectacular coasteering in the South East of Hong Kong island. Nice rock formations, caves, some history and an impressive waterfall plunging into the sea.

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Bluff island coasteering 1

Bluff island is a good spot for anchoring a “boat party”. A nice beach, water, corals and a fun short coasteering.

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High Island streams

Tin Mei and Tin Mei Han streams (田尾坑右源), two tributaries to High Island reservoir, provide some fine views & fun.

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Ocean Park coasteering

Having fun under the amusement park. Sea caves, nice rock formations, fishermen getting all kind of different mollusks.

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Stanley coasteering & stream

A route that includes good coasteering and stream hiking starting from Stanley main beach, ending undefined (different options).

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North Heaven’s Gate

Another interesting way up to Lantau Peak. A little cave, steep paths, and picturesque cliffs included.

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Wong Nai Tun stream

Nice stream with a couple of thin but cute waterfalls ending in Thousand Islands or another easy stream down.

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South Lantau

The Southernmost part of Lantau provides picturesque landscapes, some historical sites and little or no crowds.

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