HK outdoor adventures

Hiking, running, swimming every bit of Hong Kong

Shek Lung Chai stream

Starting from the same MTR station an alternative plan to Ma Dai stream. Not as spectacular but cleaner and with less people in the falls.

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Qiu Feng Stream

Qiu Feng stream(秋楓石澗) is a cute easy one that can be hiked on its own upwards or as an end of a long day starting on Double Deer or Tin Mei streams.

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Northern islands

One of the most remote & cute places in Hong Kong. Get ready for some complicated logistics or a really long day out hiking and swimming.

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Flying Phoenix & Dragon streams

Twin streams in Saikung country park. Dry in cooler months, really pretty after several days of rain. Climbable in hardcore or easy ways.

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East dam coasteering

Some of the most spectacular Hong Kong coastal scenery, with huge volcanic rock structures, caves, and frequently nice water where to swim.

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Nei San stream

Quite close to Tung Chung, another way to go up to the Buddha temple within crystalline water and challenging jungle waterfalls.

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Stream hiking 101

A brief introduction to a really fun activity that you can do in Hong Kong, enjoying the summer heat outdoors.

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Sharp Island coasteering

An easily accessible cute little island in Saikung. A tombolo, little hiking and a short coasteering route good for beginners in a calm day.

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Big Wave-ShekO coasteering

Surprising landscapes close to main, crowded beaches in Hong Kong island. Coasteering under the golf club.

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