One of the most popular streams in Saikung with waterfalls and pools to dip into.

Also known as Double Deer (雙鹿石澗). In the last years, the initial pools have got completely crowded. But if you continue the stream up you will be able to enjoy a really interesting path.

The shortest start point would be the pavilion at the end of Sai Wan road. To arrive there you can either try to pick up the 29R minibus departing from Saikung next to the McDonalds, or taxi from either Saikung town or Pak Tam Chung.

In our case we hiked a bit longer route, starting in the East dam of High Island reservoir.

After 15 minutes we arrived at Long Ke. One of the prettiest beaches in Hong Kong.


Continue on McLehose trail and you will get to see full Tai Long Wan (大浪灣 = Big Wave Bay).


After some ups and downs on dirt path and stone steps you will arrive to this point.

Connection with the shortest starting path already mentioned. Go down the concrete path to Sai Wan village. Several shops and restaurants around. You could even hire your return boat trip to Saikung village from here. Continue on the path and you will arrive to the start of the stream itself. Don´t cross the bridge on your right side.

But continue straight (left) and you will be on the rocks. On a sunny day it is almost impossible to miss it… Full of people and noise in the first pools.

But as soon as you leave them behind it becomes a quiet stream hike back again.


Arriving at the Wall, which might look daunting for newbies. But actually, it is quite easy to climb, on your right side.


Pass the dam and you will get to a perfect spot to take a rest next to the first easy exit route. You can take stairs up Southwards and go back to Sai Wan road, really close to the pavilion. From where to try to catch the minibus or most likely (call) a taxi. Or North direction to ferries/boats in Chek Keng, or nice beach of Ham Tin.

Continuing up you will find several waterfalls and pools where to cool down.


Second “wall”, which looks less daunting. Climb this on your left side.


Bit more demanding than the first actually 😛

Don’t forget every now and then looking back. It’s beautiful down there!

Arriving to the trickiest section.

Perfect place for a second or third stop in a hot day.

Swim, chill and get ready for the mild bouldering.

For anyone with any minimal climbing experience it is a piece of cake. But newbies can get blocked in some points. If you are leading a group you could set up a rope with bolts around (see the video). But I found it easier to just explain the steps to take and place experienced hikers between those not so confident.

Just after you will arrive to another pool and waterfall (Reindeer Pool – 順鹿潭). Quite some people just take the path up the right side out of the stream.

It is bit trickiert than previous. But you can continue up on the left side, where I am (see video again). Little later you will arrive to the tallest almost perpendicular falls there (井底潭). Easy hike on your right.dsc_3355

And arrive to the last big one, to hike on your left. Either really close to the waterfall itself in a dry day. Or you can use the path with ropes several hundred meters beforehand on the left too.


You would be arriving to the second most used exit. Just next to where Elisabeth was in the picture.


You can continue, though, a bit more inside the stream. It is way less steep and therefore the vegetation soon starts to get dense.


Max couple of meters tall waterfalls, no more.


Till there is nothing more to see in it. Just bushwalk your way out to the main hiking paths around (ribbons around).


Here a video with all what you will see there and easiest (right/left) climbing options.

Recorded in a drizzly day, which made the route a bit more slippery, but still completely doable for experienced hikers.