Starting from the same MTR station an alternative plan to Ma Dai stream. Not as spectacular but cleaner and with less people in the falls.

  • Beauty/fun: 6.5/10 Clean water, beautiful waterfalls to end the stream (if doing the short option), parts within the jungle but without rough vegetation.
  • Difficulty: 5.5/10 Incremental difficulty. Tons of early exits in the first part, a couple in the second. All waterfalls are climbable, but side paths with ribbons are available.
  • Map

See full screen or Garmin track.

Heng On MTR station, exit towards Chevalier Gardens. Walk South direction till the last block (17) of the compound. Take that side path just behind the security box, paralel to the stream.

In no time you will arrive to a bridge. Time to get into the water. This initial section is relatively easy.

Big boulders similar to those in Ma Dai, several dams and water constructions and a very nice pool where to cool down.

Upper this point there is nothing specially interesting. Just a tiny waterfall and less atractive rock areas. d

So quite often we take the exit just behind and continue up on the concrete road. In any case, you will arrive to the next dam. Go up to the road and walk on this concrete path going towards Mui Tsz Lam Village

for little time. Turn left and soon you will be in the stream again. Time to jump back into the water. There are two tributaries, take the one heading NE.

Soon you will start scrambling

on, or around, different waterfalls.

Arriving at the biggest

and most spectacular.

Just a bit higher you can find a little tributary that you can use as exit, connecting with the Shek Lung Chai trail. Video where to watch all the aforementioned.

You could make the route a bit longer. Marked with a Purple line on the map. There are no high waterfalls further up the stream. There are though some interesting trees with long roots, old human constructions and picturesque mosh areas.

The exit is clear although bit bushy downhill till you connect with the main path marked. For even more action, connect with Luk Chau stream. Quite some options up there.

Everything you should know before stream hiking.