Next to Wong Lung Han you have a stream which is mostly known for its ending. The Celestial Book, two almost perfectly perpendicular walls that resemble gods’ writing.

  • Beauty/fun: 6/10 Crystal water, some nice polls and thin waterfalls, the distinctive cliff on the top. Needs quite some rain in previous days/hours for being at its best
  • Difficulty: 4/10 Only one main point where those with vertigo might have problems. Ribbons and old ropes to help in the sides. You can do it completely dry most of the times, you might need to walk in the stream in small sections if the flow is high. No easy early exits
  • Map

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The usual starting point is Tung Chung MTR station. You can avoid a couple of concrete kilometers taking a taxi up till Chek Lap Kok New Village (赤鱲角新村). Continue up on Wong Lung Hang road till its end. The entrance is the same as when going down to Wong Lung Hang stream hike.


But in this case instead of going Eastwards the stream heads North just going up those stairs next to the dam.

You will see several ribbons guiding you up a dirt path. This could be your exit way. Instead turn to the right and find the stream just bit upper the dam. Time to start scrambling.

In general, the difficulty level is low. But you can increase difficulty dipping into the pools, going up next to the waterfall and others.

After several days of rain, this section looks way nicer with several pools connected with small waterfalls, perfect for dipping into in the summertime.

Dry version.

Only tricky section. Thin waterfalls and lateral paths with ropes and ribbons guiding.

The water flow of the stream is in general low. In winter time we could walk completely dry here.

It is partly wet in summer time.

If you find a cliff that it looks difficult to climb, just check for the side paths with ropes again. Doable without them: simple and short climbing.

And finally, you will arrive at the iconic cliff where to get your pic.

Exit on its left again. Through a bit narrow passageway.

Just use the roots and trees to help yourself up.

And you will arrive at the top of the hill. Bushwalk for some few minutes and you will be able to choose your way back: 1) the aforementioned steep dirt path down 2) turn right and up (SE) to Lin Fa Shan

3) turn left down (North – NW) to head back to Tung Chung.

Bit sandy and steep, but in little time you will be back in the MTR.