Spectacular waterfalls starting just 2km from Tung Chung MTR station.

  • Beauty/fun: 9.5/10. One of the most spectacular stream hikes available in Hong Kong. Pools to dip into. The red walls on the top. Being able to see from the top of the highest waterfall. A must.
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): Variable 5.5-9/10. Road, initial simple stream hike, after the big pool requires some rock scrambling. If completely dry it is OK, but wet some of the rocky parts can get really dangerous. Only two main possible exits: start or go up to the main Lantau trail through different routes.
  • A bit more than 3km to the stream, couple more at least within. Then you can either trace back your steps or continue up through a treacherous path.
  • The map

And the Garmin track going up and down the same way, or circular track going up till a main trail, another option going up following the yellow ribbons.

Tung Chung MTR station. Walk to Wong Lung Han Road. You could avoid a couple of concrete kilometers by taxing a taxi up till max the crossing gate. In any case, you will continue walking on the concrete, pass a picnic area, toilets, stairs up to Sunset Peak, until the very end. Here is where the real stream hike starts.


You should cross to the left side of the stream and go through this stairs first.


And after that just navigate following the ribbons or just as per your preference. In my case, when really hot, I really like to walk in the stream itself. Cooling down every now and then.

Most friends though preferred to keep their shoes dry and some areas required bit of extra balancing game.


There are different small waterfall and pools in the way until you arrive at the biggest of all. Best swimming and picture place.

DSC07304 - Version 2

Take it easy here. Best spot for enjoying the water, some snacks and get ready to bit more complicated part. Starting from here you will need to climb in some short sections.

There are ropes placed by previous hiking groups. If you can avoid using them better. If you use them, check that they are in good condition.


Here onwards the stream gets a bit more technical. You will need to scramble quite more. But the goals are easy to see (waterfall up in the pic is the “Left Dragon”).

Finally arriving at the main gorge section. With beautiful waterfalls on your right and left.

Usual hiking would end up here. With the last waterfall that you would see in front. Take it easy. Enjoy the water in bath mode.


Or shower on the Right Dragon. Your choice 😀

If it has not rained, the easiest way would be tracing back your steps. Down again the gorge with its wonderful red walls.


And hike down on the rocks or again within the stream itself.

After the last waterfall mentioned you could continue going up. We needed to do it once cause it started raining very hard and going down the rocks looked too dangerous. Other times just to check different routes. You will see some ropes around…

I would suggest to avoid them. There is an easier path on the left. Different ribbons to guide you. In any case, this is more complicated than anything hiked before in this path, so only for confident low-level climbers and with no vertigo…

Some other areas with ropes set. Once you pass the rock section the paths are not especially clear. Overgrown area.

If you continue going upwards (NE direction) you will finally find a defined main path.

From where to go back down to Tung Chung.

Or Mui Wo, if you want to add some more kilometers.

I have added in the map another route done a couple of times already. After the last waterfall, if you continue up and follow the ribbons in the leftmost (red), you will arrive at the top of the Left Dragon (Joh Lung Waterfall).

Outpath Wung Lung Han

From there onwards you can hike up in that tributary, so you have the extra fun of a little bit more of stream trekking. Yellow ribbons marking your way (May 17), although not really clear in some areas. Really dense vegetation sometimes, just head up through the less bushy parts NE direction. The positive of this route is that those with vertigo were able to handle it.

And a video with the summary of the highlights of the full loop.