A nice ridge above Discovery Bay. You can add different paths within the North Lantau country park for a “challenging” trail run or hike.

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You could start at different points. For the longest route starting point would be Sunny Bay MTR station. There is a bit more of the country park up North, but I haven’t seen yet there anything especially interesting. Instead, find your way through the concrete

and dirt path up to Tai Shan. Pretty ups and downs in the woods.

For the shortest easiest version, take bus or ferry to Discovery Bay. You can ascend to the ridge through different paths even the streams mentioned before. On the map one of the easiest: go North on Discovery Bay road to Greenbelt court. You will find a way up connecting with the winding path below.

From where you would be coming if you started at Sunny Bay. The path becomes steeper and bit sandy up till you arrive at the top of Lo Fu Tau itself. Pretty views and Tiger Head in front, the alternative main path up.

Moving forward a very photogenic flatish area which substantially changes throughout the year. Summer green.

Autumn brown.

And winter dry.

I like the early summer’s most.

In this area the path is easier. Less steep and with stairs.

There are interesting rock formations all over.

You will pass next to the Golf Club.

And connect with a concrete path. Here you could hike down to Mui Wo, passing next to the Silver Mine waterfall.

If you want to go way longer and challenging, take the path up to Ap Kuk Lek.

The path can be bit overgrown. The views of Mui Wo below.

And the hills to conquer.

Steep again.

Once on the top you could head to Lin Fa Shan. In our case we went directly to Tung Chung instead. For that you will pass next to the Celestial book. Quite some stairs,

some small bit slippery sections

and into the city.

MTR back home.

More pics from most recent visits.