Spectacular coasteering in the South East of Hong Kong island. Nice rock formations, caves, some history and an impressive waterfall plunging into the sea.

  • Beauty/fun: 8/10 I like the various rock formations here. The waterfall in the middle of the way is an impressive sighting (go after significant rain days, the stream is not very big).
  • Difficulty: 8/10 Even in a calm sea day the route is not simple. You need to swim long sections or scramble difficult or high walls. Outer islands around do not provide full coverage and waves can come in easily. One early exit only, next to the waterfall, but kinda trespassing private property.
  • Map

Public transportation, buses going to Shek O, only up to Cape D’Aguilar roundabout. So usually, to avoid several kilometers of concrete, we take a taxi from Shau Kei Wan MTR station, that can take you to the entrance of the Radio Station.

Continue walking down the road and you will arrive at the Institute of Marine Science. See the white whale sculpture and get ready to start walking on rocks. It’s nice to spend some time around checking the little cave-arch, views towards Po Toi & Shek O, lighthouse…

Then head westward. Initially, the coasteering is easier but soon, after the radio station, starts requiring more difficult scrambling or swimming.

The waterfall is halfway through. Polluted water by villagers above… As I explained before, you have one possible exit here: ropes and others set on the rocks on the East side of the waterfall. Video with the whole thing.

A bit later there is one section where the wall gets very steep. Still “scramblable” very close to the water line if with really good grip shoes and some technique. Here getting already to an easier section.

After the cave

the rock structure changes with white big boulders that you can navigate in different ways, including wading in the shallow and quite often clean and nice water. Once you arrive at the remains from the WW2 you can go up back to the road through a path with ribbons. Marked also in the opencyclemaps.

Otherwise continue on the simple last section up till the little beach before the quarry. Next to a concrete platform

find a stream going up to the road.

Some ribbons and ropes set (May 2018). You could wait in the roundabout for the bus or continue till the main road where all the minibus and buses from Big Wave bay and Shek O go through.

Video and photos of the whole route