Open water swimming from To Tei Wan to Shek O I found a waterfall which plunges into the sea. Very spectacular, above all when the sea is clean. Which was not the case second time going there with the GoPro.

MTR to Shau Kei Wan and from there minibus or bus in Shek O direction up till To Tei Wan bus stop.


Down the stairs seeing Stanley in front and in little time you will arrive to the beach, where to get ready for the swim.


In my case I am using a swim safety device that it is also my “movable locker” or “swimming backpack”. This:


Basically a waterproof bag which you can inflate and fasten to your waist, so that follows you while swimming, without much drag or discomfort. I am using a big size one, so that I can put my clothes and other belongings inside. For extra precaution I frequently use additional bags inside for the wallet and electronics.

From here on:

Total distance swum this time was bit more than 3 km to the waterfall + 1 km to Cape D’Aguilar itself. Map

and Garmin track.

Once there I decided to visit the peninsula and take some pics. The (whale) bones of Miss Willy.


The rock formations.


Beautiful coastline.


With a little natural passageway.


From here on, if you are still fresh, the best option is to eat and drink something and jump back into the water and swim to Shek O. Additional 2km in a straight line, although there is not anything special more to see.


Otherwise you can walk up the road, which I did to take some more pics of the way swum before.


OK views but just on a concrete and almost shadeless road


with some houses around, no more, up to the roundabout. The frequency of buses here is not great, so I would recommend to walk a bit more, half kilometre. All the (mini)buses coming from Shek O or Big Wave pass through this stop.

If you are not into long swimming, there are different options to consider. Bit of rock scrambling and shorter swimming starting from the Marine Institute. Renting a kayak or a SUP from Stanley. Approximately 4km paddling then.