Next to Bluff island you can find another premium coasteering spot whose highlight is a 30 metres arch to swim through.

  • Beauty/fun: 9/10 Tons of sea caves, some deep enough for requiring a torch to go into. The characteristic geopark rock formations. Several spots with nice sand and snorkeling option. A pity that so much plastic trash is accumulated in some areas.
  • Difficulty: 9/10 If you try to do this one fully self-supported requires kayaking and long coasteering with no possible early exit. The rugged and more impressive East shore has no protection whatsoever, therefore waves can be a serious issue. If you want to keep the swimming to a minimum, routing is not simple, with several high or tricky scrambling areas. In a completely calm day with a boat to let you in the start and pick you at the arch 4/10.
  • Map

The pics and map are from a day that we went there using a boat + a tender. This simplified a lot the whole adventure. You can rent speedboats/kaitos around to drop and pick you up, but you better be good speaking Cantonese for that. Finally, the long journey would include: taxi from SaiKung town or Pak Tan Chung. Road towards High island reservoir East dam. Around Mac15 mark stop and find your way towards Pak Lap Wan.

Kayaks available at the restaurant (you may want to call them beforehand 3129 3055). Around 4km paddling to the Northern tip of the island, where there is a nice rock beach where to “park” the kayaks. It’s where we landed the tender and start the coasteering.

Rugged shore with tons of different rock formations.

Caves to go into.

High cliffs from where to jump.

You have it all till the arch.

Further away the fun does not end. You can see huge boulders just as soon as you pass the arch already. And after turning back North direction the shore becomes less rugged, way less exposed to waves, but still with nice water and caves to explore. You can spend tons of time in this island. On the top of the hill, I was able to find a little path that allows you to see quite some of the island from above. But I have not gone yet far enough to know if you could arrive at the arch through this “shortcut”.

Videos and photos of the trip.

Everything you should know before coasteering.