Surprising landscapes close to main, crowded beaches in Hong Kong island. Coasteering under the golf club.

  • Beauty/fun: 6.5/10 The feeling of leaving behind the crowds to enjoy the coast in almost solitude. The views of the beach behind, the golf club, the rich people houses ontop the cliffs. Some nice formation rock areas, a tiny cave. Can be quite polluted (plastics) though.
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): 6/10 Scrambling is relatively easy and not high, with clear swimming entry and exit areas, short, simple navigation, just beware of sea conditions. It is called Big Wave Bay for a reason, therefore you can find quite more waves here than almost anywhere (Cape D’Aguilar) in the Island. No early exits possible, unless trespassing private property.
  • Map

and Garmin track.

Usual transportation includes bus to Shau Kei Wan station and (mini)bus to Big Wave Bay. Walk to the beach and find your way just behind the lifeguard tower on your right.

Going on, the route is completely straightforward. Initially, you might find some ropes and steps set by (I guess) fishermen en route to their fishing points. Houses just above the cliffs with stairs into the sea.

The golf club.

Under which you will be coasteering. Sometimes a hundred meters apart from the golfers there. Little after passing the club you will see a WW2 structure and the ending point in the Shek O Back beach.

Pictures from the last time there

Everything you should know before coasteering.