One of those streams that looked promising on the map but was not fun overall. Be careful if heading here.

  • Beauty/fun: 3/10 There are several nice waterfalls but the stream is full of nasty thorny plants. A machete and thick covering recommended… Not fun otherwise. If you are doing it, avoid first sections and early exit to MacLehose for a nicer & short option.
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): 6/10 The only high waterfall is climbable through a ribbon path on the right. Difficulty/not fun comes from the dense vegetation. It might require you tracing back and taking unnecessary risks just to avoid the thorns if with no good cover enough.
  • Map

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I had seen some pics of people there before. It is a big enough stream to be marked on all the maps I could check: topographical, opencyclemap, even Google maps. Steep enough to have some decent waterfalls and close to another stream I love within a scenic area. Basically all the checks you would look for. The unknown part was how navigable it would be and the answer was: a pain.

Bus to SaiKung and from there start hiking up North. In the map, I have not included the route that you would need to hike up to get to the “start” to the stream. I would advise you to do yourself a favor and directly head to the purple marker, skipping all the initial part. Unless you have a machete and hard clothes covering. I have marked with green the exit that I would advise you to take too. It is not obvious at all. I could not even find any reference point to take a picture of. Check the GPS regularly when you are getting close to it and look for a way within the plants. If it is relatively easy after 50-100m, you are on the correct way. Otherwise, you will be fighting with super dense vegetation. You will end up in the MacLehose trail from where you can go back down again to SaiKung or enjoy the views going up.

Video and pics.

And to end the fun bit of trail running downhill and Chinese Cobra encounter… Beautiful but frightening in one. Good to remind me that things don’t always go as you plan beforehand.