Dry winter months allow you to visit the reservoir within. Strange beauty. A beach that is not a beach.

  • Beauty/fun: 6/10. Really close to the civilization but out of the main paths. Tons of variations possible.
  • Difficulty: 4/10. All the stream sections are uphill. The reservoir itself has slippery sandy areas but slowly are easy to navigate. Only one little section of pure out path.
  • Map

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We started just at the end on the Hong Kong trail section 6. MTR to Chai Wan and minibus to Tai Tam Road. Walk on the path a bit and go down to the Tai Tam mound waterfall.

Just on the left of the waterfall go up the stream and continue passing the HK trail. You have different paths around here. In our case we hiked up a dryish area

that connects back again with the concrete path. Just continue up for a little while till you get into the path that is kind of parallel to the section 5.

On the map above I have marked where you should get out of the previous path. You will not see it in the opencyclemap itself, but it is kind of clear. Fork with paths heading you to four different directions, go down South-South-East direction. You will see an electric cable tower. Around find your way

to the reservoir (bit steep).

In winter time the water level tends to be quite low and you are able to skirt it all relatively easily.

Head towards North West corner and you will find several streams up.

I like the central one most. I already wrote about it before. Go up. Crossing right and left.

There is an area that can be bit dense, within bamboos. You should be able to find some ribbons. And finally these bigger boulders to scramble.

Continue up leaving the reservoir behind. In winter time most of the stream should be completely dry in the upper section.

Once you arrive at the connection with the Hong Kong trail

you can take it “easy” (actually the main path in this area is quite steep, with stairs though) or add some more fun. It is what we did. Continue on the catchwater, to the lookout under Jardine’s Lookout and down to Cause Way Bay.