The Southernmost part of Lantau provides picturesque landscapes, some historical sites and little or no crowds.

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Tai O or the road connecting with Ngong Ping would be the recommended starting points.

On the map I’ve marked in red paths that are “closed”: villagers not allowing to pass on the main path, some that suffered landslides and have tons of vegetation. Not insurmountable but get ready for them. I have added a route that I like, but you could try different ones. Main highlights would include the waterfalls of Man Cheung Po aforementioned. But there are some other interesting spots, above all if you are into history.

A couple of Obelisks. Here the Southern one.

Really close to it you can find a path (requires some short bushwalking) going down to Kau Ling Chung.

Really nice beach but for the trash (mainly plastics) brought by the tide and @#&$ humans. There are camping and barbeque sites set around, a fountain and a short loop around the jungle like tiny mangrove. Go up the hill and you the views of “Fan Lau beach” bay will be in front.

Walk on the sand and you will find the way to the Fan Lau Fort, almost on the Southernmost point of the island.

Little more than 4 walls, a gate, and several information panels. This is not the only historical site. Little further you will find the entrance to the stone circle

Not impressive at all. Small and encircled by a high fence. So just interesting for its prehistoric value. There is a little detour through the bushes that allows you to visit another beach and the small Tin Hau Temple (there are 100 in all Hong Kong). Continue on the main trail and you will arrive at Fan Lau village itself. The Lantau trail continues on a concrete path but it is blocked partially by local people before arriving at Yi O. You better trace back and go through the dirt and rock path above.

On your way, a nice garden to visit or at least see from outside if closed is Lung Tsai Ng Yuen

You never know with this places… The Tsu Hsing Monastery was closed last time that I was there and therefore I could not visit the Flying Dragon.

Once in Tai O you can visit the cute fishing village, eat something and take the bus back or continue for a long day out. Nearby you have Fu Shan viewpoint.

for sunsets.

There are different options to hike back to Tung Chung from Tai O. The easiest is the path that follows mainly the coastline (Tung O ancient trail). You will be seeing the Bridge that connects Hong Kong with Macau. Later on the Airport. Very easy path, main part of it on concrete. Otherwise you could go up Cheung Shan. The initial uphill area is quite interesting but later on can be quite overgrown.

Pictures from all the previous in my Instagram.