Did you know that parallel to the Hong Kong trail section 6, meters apart, you have a little gorge and a big waterfall to enjoy into? I didn’t know it myself till I joined an Action Asia race which went through it a long time ago. I had hiked all the major hiking paths of Hong Kong, but that event opened my eyes to the obvious: “out of the main ‘civilized’ paths there must be tons of streams, creeks, waterfalls, old paths to enjoy!” So this was somehow the start of my discovery journey and the germ of this web. So it has a special significance for me.

And the Garmin track of the hike per se & the way from Wanchai to Parkview

Here I marked all we walked recently starting from Wanchai MTR station. You can avoid all the blue line taking a taxi up to Parkview or almost by bus (# 6 or 66) up to Wong Nai Chung Gap.

I like the way from the city though when not in a rush. The Wong Nai Chung gap trail and surrounding area have been part of my trail running training in the Island for long. Here arriving at Parkview with the city behind.

Once in Parkview you can walk directly on Tai Tam road all the time or take some of the sideways. In our case into Tai Tam family walk here.

That way you avoid a bit of concrete downhill section and, as mentioned, we were definitely not in a rush. Wooden stairs, dirt path, some views.

Otherwise, you will be walking all the time in something like this

Once you arrive at Tai Tam reservoir you can choose to continue on the road or take the right path through the Tai Tam Upper Reservoir Masonry Aqueduct

It is a bit more adventurous although simple going next to delerict buildings in the middle of the woods.


Finally you will arrive to the dam of the Tai Tam Byewash Reservoir.


Here is where the fun starts. Usually there is no more than a creek here. You will be able to walk in both sides of it. If you want to do it easiest (not her case) everywhere but here


keep your way on the right and you will see ribbons guiding you.


The streams goes down steadily and there are not specially difficult spots to pass.


Maybe this one might be the most “demanding”.


Hong Kong trail just there above and the stream just meters below.


Soon you will to the connection with the main reservoir again. In the dry season, you can cross to the concrete path up to the dam of the Tai Tam intermediate reservoir. After heavy rains this can not be done but getting very wet. To avoid it, just find a path on your right. Ribbons again going up. Once near the dam, you will need to choose what to do. You could walk down to Repulse Bay through the dirt path next to the Intermediate reservoir. Or like in our case, go up the road and continue on the Hong Kong trail, stairs up.

In less than ten minutes of walking, you will start to see ribbons guiding you SEwards. Basically, any of them will take you to the stream. If you do not see them and you have arrived at this bridge.

You are already on the stream. Traceback some meters and you will be able to walk down and finally see this!

Beautiful. Quite some time ago, when I found it the first time, I was able to be alone here forever. Since over a year ago it became way more well-known and in hot days it can be crowded with people coming to picnic and enjoy the water. Alone in early April when recording.

Once finished enjoying the place you can climb back through a steep path marked with ribbons few meters left.


Up the stream.


On the bridge turn right and continue on the Hong Kong trail till you arrive at Tai Tam road. You have a bus station down the road. On Sundays though is highly difficult to get into the buses, full coming from the South. Try to pick up a taxi, even if it is in opposite direction. Or walk carefully (not pedestrian friendly road) to the Tai Tam Country Park South entrance, where you will queue for the bus with the crowds that have “hiked” the concrete paths.