Sometimes friends ask for an easy walk or newcomers want to see touristy destinations. This includes both.

  • Beauty/fun: 2/10. A tourist attraction with a little of nature. Interesting culturally, not the usual fun for the content in this web.
  • Difficulty: 0.5/10. Short, mostly paved and just above the city. Beware of the monkeys 😛 One hour and a half slow walking, maximum 2 hours if checking the statues carefully.
  • Map

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Shatin MTR station exit B. Just head North and in five minutes time you will start seeing Buddhas.

Go up the hill seen them everywhere. On the very top, you will find the warriors and quite frequently monkeys trying to steal the oblations…

See the main temple with several thousand Buddhas more

and walk the stairs down on the South of the temple. If you like honey you can visit the Wing Wo bee (tiny) farm.

Up to the garden (the last time, Feb18, was closed). Bit of dirt path (only one in the whole loop) and you will arrive at the Lutheran Theological Seminary. Walk downhill into the Tao Fong Shan Christian center. A very picturesque mixture of Chinese and Christian culture.

Continue walking downhill up till the Big Cross on To Fung Shan.

I like the door beforehand more than the cross itself photographically speaking.

From here on just go down back to Shatin MTR station. If you want to add quite some more hiking then you can go up next to the previously mentioned Seminary and take one of the paths up to MacLehose around Needle Hill area, the reservoir, tunnels, streams… For a long day out.

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