Discovery Bay has super accessible streams. Easy and cute with several extra fun spots around.

  • Beauty/fun: 6.5/10. Easy scrambles, interesting rock formations and really close to the civilization below. The water in the first stream is not as clean as it used to be with new constructions above (Nov2017).
  • Difficulty: 4/10. Really easy scrambling in the first stream. The second one has a couple of spots that can be trickier for those with vertigo + vegetation can be quite dense. Easy navigation but for some bushwalking. Different exits possible in the first stream.
  • Map

To arrive at Discovery Bay the ferries departing from Central or MTR to Sunny Bay and bus from there are the usual public transportation. Walk to Discovery Valley road and in no time you will hear the stream and see the entry. This will require you getting your legs wet or handling some dense vegetation on the sides.

It used to be clean water here and nice swimming spot, but not lately.

The stream goes down under the road. Here is the second entry possible. Just find the sign, going upwards on the right side of the road

and go under it. You will be on the rocks in a minute.

Pictures were taken already in the drier season (mid-Nov). So the stream did not carry too much water and completely dry navigation was easy.

You will only find a major fork. Go right for a longer stream.

Easy scrambles.

And even flatish areas.

Last waterfall, way more beautiful in wet season.

And the pipeline to go through.

Afterwards, the stream is little more than a tranquil creek and the vegetation grows around fast.

Therefore we decided to exit and go to the second stream. For that head to Discovery Valley road again up till almost the reservoir. Just before arriving you should see ribbons leading you into the bushes. Follow the path till you arrive at this spot.

Not very clear, right? 😛 That’s all you will see.As soon as the path starts getting upwards and further from the reservoir (in the previous picture going up on the right) just find your alternative way (continue straight/left). Trust your GPS signal on the map above (path not either in Opencyclemaps or other applications check) or just find your way carefully.

It is kinda simple. Every time there I’ve been able to find it relatively easily among the bushes. No ribbons initially.

It seems that it is hiked frequently. In our last time, someone had set ropes to make the steep downward part easier.

And finally, you arrive at the stream that connects with the reservoir.

Scrambling here is more perpendicular. There were ropes set here too, although you don’t really need them.

The reservoir all the time behind.

Vines and other vegetation can be dense in some spots.

But we were able to find our way with no problem.

You can find quite some ribbons around.

More rocky open areas.

Just continue up.

You will find a path crossing The stream, with ribbons. The stream continues up, but the vegetation looked too dense and some of the hikers were in a rush, so we decided to take the right side.

Not so distinct path till you get into the Reservoir Path marked on the map above. From there on you only need to go down.

If you are not in a hurry, I would suggest you take the left path after the stream itself and go through the Reservoir South fork to Lo Fu Tau country trail. Really nice views, above all on the summer season, with all the green hills around. Then go down to Discovery Bay again or continue hiking around.