The Plover Cove country park has very popular waterfalls, mainly Bride’s Pool. Just minutes walking from there you find a really nice stream to hike.

Going up till almost the peak, Tai Mo Shan, the highest in Hong Kong.

  • Beauty/fun: 7/10. After rainy days Dragon Ball waterfall is a mighty one. Several other waterfalls. Pools where to dip into.
  • Difficulty: 4.5/10. All the difficult “in the stream” sections can be bypassed, with ribbon marked lateral paths.
  • Map

The starting point is near the Bride’s Pool BBQ place. Usual transportation includes MTR to Tai Po Market and then bus/taxi up till there. You will need to go a bit more than 200 meters down on the road and the entrance is exactly here

behind the gate.

Walk on the left side and you will be in a minute in the stream itself. We have hiked this on rainy days.

Or dry. Both were OK with good enough shoes. Not especially slippery rocks.

In bit more than 20 minutes we arrived at the first big waterfall area.

Some areas might require using your hands a bit.

And in 10-15 minutes you arrive at Dragon’s Ball waterfall.

It requires some significant rain in the previous days or hours to be most impressive. If you want to do it difficult it can be climbed starting on its right. But it is quite dangerous, above all if with wet rocks or with a strong flow of water coming down…

Instead, there is a way easier path on the right side. Exactly from the two previous pics were taken just continue toward the woods and find ribbons guiding you up.

It is quite steep but safe.

And in 5-10 minutes you will arrive at the top of the waterfall. Views from the drone.

And a video.

Just above there are several pools perfect to take a rest.

Continue. You can find tons of ribbons guiding you in this stream.

Another nice looking waterfall.

Sometimes you will need to get into the bamboo forest around the stream if you do not want to get your shoes wet.

Or just have some fun within 😀

Mirror like sallow pool.

And the last pretty

although small waterfalls.

The slope decreases and you find a connection with the main path going down to Bride’s Pool (shortest), Tai Mei Tuk (a bit longer) or up to Pat Sin Leng (really nice but really long route, I will write about it).