A good initiation stream hike conveniently located in Hong Kong island.

  • Beauty/fun: 5/10. Very accessible easy path with a big pool to dip into. None of the waterfalls is spectacular but will help you get ready for more complex routes.
  • Difficulty: 3/10. All the waterfalls are climbable, but you have alternative dry options. Short and with tons of exits.
  • The map. First meters not recorded by the GPS and last part one of the multiple exit options, marked with the Google maps walking tool.

And the Garmin track.

The easiest way to arrive here is taking the MTR to North Point station, exit B1. Go up the stairs on the right up Aroma Walk.

Stairs and more steps for ten minutes.

Walk on the Braemar Hill road up till its end. Blue fences mark the entry to the concrete path.

In no time you will arrive at the point to exit it, ten meters down the stairs.

Kinda trespassing… There is a fence, I guess set by the “Mansions” below. There is a hole on it and actually you won’t really go down to their ground, so no big deal… If you are worried, you could go up the stairs a bit and find your way down again. No fence, but you will finish exactly in the same place and more complicated… In a minute you will be among the vegetation

and into the stream.

The widest high waterfall is on the very beginning.

All this initial section you can hike it without getting wet if you just cross carefully, left and right, the stream.

The slope is steady

and finding your way is easy.

If you walk in the water is more fun.

But not necessary.

The city clearly behind all the way up.

Arriving at the first crossroad. Sir Cecil’ s Ride path.

You could exit here, take the path parallel to the stream or continue within. If so you will need to get wet.

Connecting with the previously mentioned parallel path and little shelter.

New section. You can walk on the sides of the stream, easy route, or within.

And in bit more than 10 minutes you should be in a nice pool to dip into.

This waterfall is climbable too. Your backpack should be fully waterproof though as the stream will cover you in the initial steps.

Stairs like waterfall, not much climbing skills required.

Continue up,


it can be slippery otherwise.

Soon the slope decreases and

the stream becomes a quite tiny creek with different tributaries. From here on you have different options. You could go back down to Braemar Hill, marked on the map above. In our case, we went up to Jardine’s Lookout and down to the WW2 tunnels. Otherwise outpaths, jungle, bigger waterfalls in Tai Tam mound, or tons of other routes for a long day out.