Most people are not aware how close the jungle is from the city 😀

And the Garmin track.

Different transportation options (MTR, buses) to the Hong Kong Central Library next to Victoria Park. Tai Ham road up to the stairs that mark the start of the hike per se. Way up already into the old abandoned slum.


All this area is full of ruined houses and structures. In the map I have marked an entrance to the jungle even closer to the city (black line), up these stairs. Nice trees around, more old ruined buildings… But it is full of garbage, including broken glasses. So it can be dangerous. Instead, going up the safer route. Once you arrive at this little bridge you will leave the “civilization”.


No traces of human activity.


But for some ribbons and ropes that guide you up the correct path.


A bit of bush walking with the city below.


And arrive at Sir Cecil’s Ride: a super easy hike path, with quite some runners around.


Not far, once we arrived at the little shelter, we started hiking up the stream. This can be a completely dry stream hike even after heavy raining days. It has several mid-size waterfalls, including this one with a nice pool. In summer there is more water and is the place where I get my “shower”, full clothed, after being running in the area. Perfect for removing all the sweat stink and with distance enough running downhill to dry before arriving at the MTR.


Next to the Mount Butler HF Radio Receiving station we took the small brook down Westward.


Early March (after the dry season). No much water, therefore.


Up again Sir Cecil’s. Pass next to the station. Wilson Trail section 2 stairs down and


connect with the Hong Pak Country Trail. This is a nice, easy one.


Flattish, well marked, tons of shade. Another good running option, in this case, bit more trail running.


Little detour up to enjoy some more of the views.


Connect back with Hong Pak and find the way out to San Wai Ho.


The possible combinations of routes here are endless, including General (or Warlord) Rock, more streams, bamboo tunnels, etc.