Easily accessible World War 2 relics. There are more known British defence positions, with bunkers and trenches, elsewhere. In this case, you will access Japanese built tunnels.

  • Bit more than two kilometers hike, 1/3 of it in overgrown out of the main paths area.
  • Easy till you arrive at the tunnels themselves. Inside it can be a bit tight for bigger people and for accessing higher floors you will need to feel comfortable climbing, using your hands and feet.
  • The map


Blue lines are on the main paths, brown on an overgrown area. Start next to Park View. Different public transportation options, mainly to the gas station next to the Hong Kong Cricket club. Or taxi up to the residential area. From here you will start hiking on the Tai Tam country trail.


Till you arrive at this junction. Go up to the Station 5.


You will see a British WW2 bunker. Continue walking on NE direction (follow the ribbons) and you will get to the overgrown area.


There are no much opportunities to get lost here. Just continue up and not even 100 meters from connecting the Hong Kong trail section 5 you will arrive at this point. Can you see the cross with the white dot within? That is the marker. You are just above the tunnels! Retrace some steps and go down through that black spot you can see more or less in the middle of the picture in the middle of the vegetation.


You will see the entrance. Which is really small. A 1.85m friend of mine getting into it.


Mission accomplished.


It is more spacious inside.


Although in most sections you definitely can not stand up.


Roots are starting to crack some of the walls. Although overall the structure looks reasonably sturdy. In any case, keep sounds to the minimum and if you see any cracks in the structure head out fast…


There are some slight ups and downs.


And some crossroads. First time there I was a bit afraid of it being kind of a maze.


But after researching a bit. In gwulo’s web page confirmed that the structure is quite simple. Part of the map taken from there. tunnel_map_l1

You can see all the other levels in their web. Cause after crawling a bit more


it was time for some climbing and stretching. Going to the second level.


To give you some perspective, the legs are positioned on each parallel wall two-three meters above him, who took the previous pic from below.


If you are flexible enough easiest way to go up, using your hands and feet to push you up like through a siphon. Otherwise, climb up the wall with help of the person below. It can be a bit slippery, so be careful.

The upper level is similar with another exit out. You can walk back to the starting point through short but a bit dense (vegetation) path. The third level yet pending to be explored. Update Sep17: I visited the third level already. It is a bit more tricky to climb to on your own. I could not find any viable exit but yes a family of bats and a centipede… Ouch!

Continue hiking NE and in no time you will get to HK trail. Turn right and you will go back down to Park View.