A completely different way of arriving at one of the most touristy places in Hong Kong, perfect for a rainy short adventure in the Island.

  • Beauty/fun: 7/10. Extra points added cause most people usually can not believe that those pictures could be taken so close to the “civilized Island”
  • Difficulty: 4.5/10. You will be walking in the water, but the grip is not specially bad. The stream sections are shortish and connected through main paths in the South West of the Island. The initial path marked fully with ribbons, the second stream without yet. In (post) rainy day though the water coming down will guide you up through the best route.
  • The map

And the Garmin recording.

You can start in different ways. In the main track above we started in HKU MTR station. Just come out to the upper A1 or A2 exits, walk Southwards to University avenue and in no time you will see some stairs up to this path.

If you want to do your starting walk even shorter you can take a bus/taxi to Pok Fu Lam road playground and start walking the stairs up (in 2016-2017 under construction all the surrounding area).

In just a couple of minutes, you will be in the stream. It is a really nice spot if you are into photography. Very accessible to go with the tripod, filters, etc to take long exposure pictures.

All the initial part is very civilized, with steps around the stream.

Beautiful shadows.

Mainly small waterfalls.

Till you arrive at this one.

After those stairs, the stream divides into two tributaries, both with ribbons. But the right side one is not as interesting. Go left therefore, just behind the waterfall, easy crossing.

Continue on the stream and you will find a scattered waterfall among others.

Just follow the ribbons and you will connect with the main path of the West of the Island, which connects with the Hong Kong Trail section 1. All this initial part can be done without getting your shoes into the water.

You will find different streams up. The most interesting visited so far (and I think I have done almost all already) starts here.

If it has been raining in the previous days the stream can be really beautiful and fun!

Just follow up the stream. In case of doubt, the tributary with the most water is the one you need to follow.

Few people go up this stream and therefore the jungle can get bit overgrown.

Walking in the stream is the easiest option.

Arriving at the last section.

Doable even in a rainy day.

There are some ropes set there from long ago. Do not rely on them, water might have weakened them and are easily breakable.

Arriving at the bridge of Lugard Road.

Pass under it on your right side.

And you will find Lugard falls just in front of you.

From here you can walk to the Peak from where to take transportation back down to the city.