There are quite some places in Hong Kong good for arranging a spooky night hike. Mount Davis with its WW2 remains is a nice convenient option.

  • Easy hike. 1/10 on day time, bit trickier at night time. Street walk from the MTR till initial concrete steps, bit of dirt trail, remains to explore.
  • Around 300 meters of elevation and 6-8 kilometers max total distance.
  • Approximated map

And the Garmin track.

I checked the path some weeks before and to start setting the tone I shared on Instagram some of the pics taken meanwhile doing so.


😀 Some starting to be scared.

Meeting time would be with the sunset, around 18:15. Beforehand meet with some other friends, who would be scaring the hikers, without them knowing anything about accomplices. Walking around the path, checking that map was correct.


Drawing arrows with chalk. Setting up some paper marks that the hikers would need to collect. The barracks and all the other structures around do not look so scary under the sun.


Leave the accomplices behind deciding where they were going to hide and run to pick up the hikers. Kennedy Town exit C. Walk for around 30 minutes and with no trace of sunlight arrive to the starting point. Here I gave them a map and explained them the “game”.


Quite straight forward.


And here the entrance to the fun night hike.


It looks quite creepy soon. Above all cause unexpected people jumping into them shouting or grasping them.


Getting into the first structures.


With the moon above.


The big round defense structures from the Second World War.


Barracks and structures


where to hide. Extra scare bonus with some unexpected, again, costumes.




and a lot of similar structures where to hide. Going already down.


After quite some fun.