Relatively protected Bay that allows you to see some of the geopark features and caves without the possible big waves or high scrambles of the East Dam route.

and the Garmin track.

Last time there we went with a boat, but definitely you can do this coasteering route without it. For that, you would need to take a taxi to the East Dam and follow all the initial instructions explained in the post of hiking all Saikung East. Including the not so easy way to arrive at Long Ke Tsai.

and a bit of bush going South till the end of the peninsula, just in front of Conic Island.

Once there, find your way down to the water line. I have marked a possible way down on the map (where the Garmin track starts), but you can find different ones. Initially, you will be with the familiar columns around.

And later on, several caves that you can explore.

Some deeper than others.

In general, this part is relatively easy to scramble or hike on.

Just after Long Ke Tsai, heading South, it gets slightly more difficult.

You can be scrambling really close to the water in any case,

so jump and swim if not comfortable. Once you turn back again and head West-NW direction it gets as “easy” as the first sections.

And you will end up in the main beach of Long Ke. Perfect anchoring point or place to chill out before starting your hike + taxi back.

Video with the boat day route.

Everything you should know before coasteering.