An easily accessible cute little island in Saikung. A tombolo, little hiking and a short coasteering route good for beginners in a calm day.

  • Beauty/fun: 7/10 A picturesque little island, with usually cleaner water and beach. Some nice rock formations. Shortish.
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): 6/10 You can scramble most of the walls, although there are some high and bit tricky. The jumping entry and exits are clear, so if you are ready to swim longer sections it is significantly easier. The island is relatively protected by land masses around but waves might be biggest where you will be coasteering (Southernmost tip).
  • Map

And the Garmin track.

(Mini)bus to SaiKung and walk to the pier. There are different boat companies running the route, departing every 15/30min on weekends. The return ticket from the beach costs (2018) HKD40, if you want to do a full round to the island (land and depart from Kiu Tsui) HKD30.

If you want to try coasteering the South side only, you can take the boat directly to the pier next to Hap Mun beach itself. In our case, we asked the boat to leave us in Kiu Tsui first. Just next to it you have the tombolo: tiny island attached to the main one by a narrow sandbar. In high tide, the bar is fully covered by water, so take it into consideration when going there. Video of the whole route on a partly rainy day.

Cross the bar, hike the little path in the tiny island and coasteer back through the North shore. Perfect to test the shoes and skills of beginners. The hiking path connecting with the South is very easy. Find your way up stairs and concrete initially,

a bit of dirt path on the upper part and down again on concrete stairs to Half Moon Bay beach. Another video (not mine) with the way for you to see.

Just before arriving at the beach (in our case in around 30 minutes, instead of the hour marked) you will find your way to the Eastern sore. Time to start coasteering.

In the video, you can see that the swimmers tend to be way faster than those scrambling. 1 to 2 hours depending on how much you swim, therefore. Several little caves and rock formations. Several cliffs from where to jump into the water.

Nice beach to end up, shower and call the kaito for your return. I have swum all the rest of the island. Mainly is flatter and I guess significantly easier to hike on, although long.

Everything you should know before coasteering.