One of the easiest access coasteering routes in the Island.

  • Difficulty: Mid-level coasteering, 5/10. Mid to good grip rocks, very few points where you will be high. Only one clear exit mid-way.
  • Over three hours coasteering + another 40 minutes from the MTR till the starting point
  • Approx. map

And the Garmin track.

MTR Chai Wan station. Walk towards Siu Sai Wan sports ground and promenade. Cape Collinson path till almost the end of the concrete. And there you will find some ropes guiding you down towards the sea. Just see in the video.

The route is quite straightforward. You will need to swim to start and from there onwards you will be walking on rocks, sand, swim bit more.


There is even a small sea cave, although was not very clean and we did not go much into it.


Two different gear options. Here myself with everything that I could think of on: helmet, goggles, GoPro, full backpack with dry stuff within dry bags (couple of kitchen zipper bags do the trick), camel bag, sleeves, gloves, two layers in my legs to avoid chaffing, I did not have knee pads but yes calf guards… Testing.


Or more simple just with a dry bag and little more.


Gloves are definitely a must but the rest depends a bit more on you.

The route offers a bit of everything. In my case, I am more comfortable climber than him and I was going up and down several small hills. He preferred to swim around any significant height. Mid-way you have a perfect spot to take a rest and even escape if necessary with a hiking exit next to a climbing area with bolted routes.

After the prison, you might see (depending on the rain of previous days) this waterfall too.


And end up in Big Wave Bay where to have a shower, dine and take (mini)bus back home.

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