Just next to Shek O Beach you have a wonderfully diverse coastline, with caves, waterfalls and even dragon eggs! 😀

  • Beauty/fun: 8.5/10. Really impressive but for the garbage you can find on the way…
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): 8/10. You could do this with little swimming, but only if you are a really confortable with high and sometimes bit technical scrambles. Otherwise you might need to swim several sections and the waves tend to be stronger here than in the beach itself.
  • The map

And the Garmin track

Different ways to arrive at Shek O Beach. Most common, bus #9 or minibuses departing from Shau Kei Wan station. Once on the beach you will clearly see where you will be coasteering on.

Start scrambling on the brown rocks. You will find several ropes in this initial section.


Leaving the beach behind.


This part was easier than expected. Even with little rain that day the grip of the rocks was quite solid.


In any case you will be using your hands soon.


360 degree view of what you are going to be walking on.

Mid way you will arrive at one of the most impressive parts of the route. The cave, the big log “bridge”, clearly an area where after rain on previous days you can find a waterfall…


She was waiting for me here as the scrambling here looked quite complicated. Finally we decided to jump to the water and come back up just some meters further.


Suddenly finding “dragon egg” like rocks. Almost 1 meter high and completely polished.


Really surprised to see this kind of formations. Little later on we would find way more and the reason how they appeared around.


Seems that this part of the coast, due to its location, has more waves and the rocks have been polished into those forms. The drizzle had continued and walking on them was quite a challenge. Sliiiiiippery.


Our initial intention was to arrive at Cape D’Aguilar. You can see the hill where the lighthouse is on the left upper corner of the pic.


The weather conditions made us go way slower than usual though. More wading to avoid high cliffs.


It was getting too late and decided to swim the last section. Starting from somewhere around here (correct pic, wrong GPS location in Google Maps)

and arriving at Lap Sap Wan.


Little bay full of rubish… Tons of plastics pushed by the waves there. The good thing is that they were building something around and there was (May17) a path open to go up to the Radio Transmitting station. From here on you will be walking on the concrete road.

Hopefully on the daytime or in our case with the sunset.


Definitely highly recommended for strong “coasteerers”.

Everything you should know before coasteering.