Bluff island is one of those places where Junk boats head for weekend fun during the hot months in Hong Kong. Swimming around I found a cave that traverses the island from West to East. Around 60 meters long. Afterward, I discovered that people go there (and Basalt island) canoeing. Another easier option for non-hardcore swimmers.

  • Less than 2km swim from where the boats anchor to the cave. The full island is 5-6km swim.
  • You can stay safely far enough from the rocks every time, even within the cave itself. Some small current with the waves traversing the cave itself, but with no much lateral movement.
  • Most interesting points are the cave itself and some corals in the Northern part of the island.
  • The map

And the Garmin Track.

The swim is very straightforward. Just follow the coastline southwards and you will finally see the entrance of the cave. The sea bottom is not specially interesting on this side: tons of urchins and some little fishes, no more seeing the three times swimming around the island. The rocks are more interesting with some of the hexagonal characteristic formations of the Geo Park and the cliffs that increase their height the more South you go till the cave itself. Video with all you can see.

If you want to try coasteering this, the Northern part is way flatter. On the Southern part, as shown in the video, the cliffs get really high. It might be one of the most complicated routes seen so far.