I already wrote about the lower & NW sections. The Northern one is almost as fun as the latter and less difficult.

Going up till almost the peak, Tai Mo Shan, the highest in Hong Kong.

  • Beauty/fun: 8/10. Several pools where to dip into. Variously sized waterfalls all the way up. Way fewer people than lower sections.
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): 6.5/10. You can hike in the stream and scramble almost all the waterfalls, but if you don’t want to, the side paths are easier than the NW tributary. With few places with loose terrain and no insecure high cliffs.
  • Map

Minibus or taxi to the Shing Mun country park visitor center. Then go up through any of the routes already written about. In this case, we decided to start in the Dragon Valley to do it a bit longer and test the shoes/ fitness of some new joiners. Not safe enough for them, so I take them out through easy exit next to the big waterfall

and continue with the rest up till Fat Man Rock. Moving forward we would be hiking in stream almost continuously.

After the main fork marked on the map above, all the new route that I hadn’t written about.

The slope is relatively stable and therefore you will find similar waterfalls to be scrambling on.

In a very few spots you will need to decide if to take side paths if trying to avoid getting fully wet or a bit more technical scrambling (hanging from roots, several sport climbing line steps).

There is only one waterfall that I wouldn’t suggest climbing as the whole structure is very unstable. Clay like rocks that break easily. This one 😅

Little by little the slope and water flow decreases and

you will need to find your exit. Relatively clear

towards McLehose through a little bamboo forest. Video with the whole route after the fork.

Everything you should know before stream hiking.