Remote waterfalls within a Vietnam war movie like jungle environment. Can be fun or can be bit nasty.

  • Beauty/fun: 5/10. The main waterfalls are quite nice after some days of rain, but too far apart. The water tends to be murky although you have no villages above, most surely due to the soil around. Vegetation can be dense in several places, get ready to avoid scratches and cuts with the thorns and sharp plants.
  • Difficulty: 5/10. The scrambling is simple and navigation too, if you are OK with getting your shoes wet. The stream entrance is far away from any public transportation and the full hike can get long. No easy early exits within the stream.
  • The map

I have tried different entries, but shortest must be the Tai Lam Tunnel Interchange. Buses coming here from tons of places: Tsing Yi, Mong Kok, etc. From there walk on the concrete till this point.

And just start walking on the marked path.

In our case, we decided to add some initial adventure/distance. If you want the fast way just continue on the dirt path that soon becomes concrete. If you are OK with a bit of bush walking find the ribbons up the hill (marked on the map above and easily findable in opencyclemap marked “Jungle segment”).

It can get really bushy here.

Soon you will connect with the upper part of the Tai Lam Chung country trail.

Really pretty although very exposed. Beware of the sun going up and down in the dirt path. There are several ways down again, we choose the “most fun” one: straight line with tons of loose terrain to slide on.

In any case, you will connect with MacLehose trail. Go up the concrete route and carefully find for the ribbons on your right, around this area.

A minute down a steep loose dirt path and you will arrive at the stream itself. The vegetation is dense almost all year long here. Be careful with the inoffensive looking flat sharp plants, they are like cutters. If you want to keep your shoes dry you’ll need to be crossing the stream continuously and scramble a little bit more.

Soon you will see the electric lines above you.

Red color rock walls around. Don’t stop here.

You are just a minute apart from the first big waterfall.

Picture taken after some rainy days. Full of water.

They can become way “skinnier” though. There are clear paths on the side of the waterfalls, scrambling a bit.

Not high but challenging for beginners.

If you go in the water some of the sections are easier.

The middle ground between the two big waterfall areas is not specially nice. Jungle like several times.

Sometimes easy to pass by.

Sometimes struggling a bit with the vines and vegetation in general.

Finally, you will arrive at the second nice spot.

Big waterfall, a pool below, quite wide, and a very picturesque tree to highlight the bucolic landscape.

On the left side you will find the ribbons guiding you to the upper part and more waterfalls.

Once you pass them all, you will start seeing ribbons leaving the stream behind into the forest. The stream going forward has nothing special and therefore you can take any of the mentioned paths out and in little time you will connect with a clear dirt path.

Yuen Tsuen ancient trail. Here onwards you could hike different routes. We just went through the shortest (I think) out. Through a nice garden

and concrete down to civilization.

Tons of buses from Rhine Gardens stop.