A tiny island with surprisingly cute beaches, short good coasteering, a small hill and some hiking paths.

  • Beauty/fun: 6.5/10. The island is small enough that you could hike, coasteer, swim, enjoy a beach and have some cultural tour in one day.

Garmin track up to Finger Hill and down to the coast, coasteering the SE side of the island, running the North.

A friend of mine invited us to a BBQ in his place, so I decided to go a couple of hours earlier and see how much of the island I could explore. Answer: everything in a fast coasteering pace + trail running 🙂

To get to the island head to Central piers. As per Sep17 ferries departing from pier number 6 approx every 45-50min on weekends. 30 minutes ride in the fast ferries, around 40 minutes for ordinary.

Once in the island I just headed up the hill, to say hi to my friend and go to the only high ground there. Concrete and stairs

to Finger Hill. Nothing particularly interesting here but the views of part of the island and Lantau further away.

Run down on more concrete and arrive at the place where to start coasteering. The owner of the house around had just built a fenced wall till the very sea… So you will need to get fully wet from the get go.

Nature just 25m later.

You could start a bit higher, in this kind of pier.

On the way I was surprised with the number of cute little beaches in the island. This, marked on the map above, might be the best one seen in the coasteering section. Reachable through regular paths.

After several easy scramble/swim cliff sections the coast turns creating a bay. The opposite green side that I would be running in. On the left side the rocks coasteered.

Arrived at the main beach of Peng Chau, within the bay.

I was in a rush already and decided to trail run the rest. You could continue the coasteering, but the coast side within the bay, both South, already walked, and North do not differ much till the uppermost part. You can arrive here easily through well marked paths with boards introducting to main geological features.

Out of the bay, in the northernmost coast, nice small beaches again.

And fun climbable cliffs initially and then concrete path that, in some areas, is just meters from the shoreline.

You could continue easy coasteering or just hike back to the ferry pier.