Joining the #Trypod initiative with some podcasts that readers here might enjoy.

What is a podcast? In a nutshell audio files (radio like) that are automatically downloaded to your device: nowadays smartphone, but could be any mp3 player.

How to listen? Most of the smartphones nowadays have inbuilt podcast players and there are tons of Apps available in the market. As an example, I use PodcastRepublic. Easy to navigate, group podcasts by themes, subscribe to new feeds through search or recommendations there.

And what podcasts to listen? There are tons of options. Here some examples for you to try.

· Hong Kong Trail Rockers podcast: Where usually Vince interviews different runners talking about Hong Kong’s trail running events, favorite trails, etc.

· The first 40 miles: in their own words “If you are new to backpacking, or if you’re hopelessly in love with someone who wants you to love backpacking, then this podcast is for you. We talk about the essentials, how to lighten your load, and how to make the most of your time on the trail.” Simple, educational & entertaining.

· Trail runner nation: long-lived podcast with interviews of the greatest trail runners, training tips, gear reviews, etc

Dirtbag diaries, Sound of the trailsPaul Kirtley’s podcast and more. Enjoy your listening!