Nice stream with a couple of thin but cute waterfalls ending in Thousand Islands or another easy stream down.

  • Beauty/fun: 6/10 Thin waterfalls, but cute stream up. The views of Thousand Islands can be really nice on clear days. The stream downhill has some big boulders and a waterfall with big pool almost on the base to end the day perfectly.
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): 3/10 1st stream section (orange line) requires some jungle like navigation. I would not suggest to hike it unless you like that kind of fun and you have all your clothing and gear ready. 2nd section is way easier (you can scramble up the waterfalls but there are side paths with ribbons and ropes) and nicest. The last stream proposed is easy, even downhill, with some good boulders, pools, and waterfalls, best one on the very end (lowest point).
  • Map

See full screen and the Garmin track of the stream (alternative doing also the jungle part) and exit through 1000 islands or downhill stream.

Public transportation to the start used: MTR to Long Ping and K66 bus from there to Tai Tong Kuk public toilet. Just a few meters from there you will see the stream.

If you want extra adventure, find your way to the orange line. Wong Tong stream. There are no ribbons here and you will need to get your shoes wet pretty soon. That or have some really grippy shoes that allow you to scramble the rocks up. In any case, later on, you will be walking in the water and jungle-like environment, with nasty thorny areas, etc. So get proper clothing and may be a machete…

There are a couple of waterfalls in this section.

Before you find the way to the concrete path towards the Wong Nai Tung reservoir. If you decide to skip this first stream section, just go up following the blue route. Easy and simple.

Once you arrive at the reservoir you will need to cross the road on the dam wall and find a “road closed” sign = you are in the correct way 😛 Bit of bushwalking

and you will find the first pool.

Can be nice in the summertime, with quite more water flow. This is not the stream that we are heading to though. Continue on the path and soon you will find this rock sign. Just afterward, leave the path to the left side (where she is heading).

Bit more downhill bushwalking and you will arrive at the (Kau Wong) stream. Most of the times you will be able to hike it all without getting your shoes wet.

We scrambled up all the waterfalls, but you cam find side paths of this is not your thing.

Be careful on the rocks.

Highest waterfall with a couple of intermediate pools.

There is an easy path with ribbons and ropes on the left. Climbable too.

You will continue seeing some more waterfalls up until the fork. Which is a good place for resting, eating, even we have seen traces of BBQ there.

You will need to choose your next destination. If the day is clear and you haven’t been there before you could head towards Thousand Islands. Purple line. Follow the ribbons into the woods on the left side of the stream and in no time you will find a steep path up.

On the top of the hill, you will find badland type paths.

Good grip shoes and some technique and you can have some fun run around here. Or a careful-do-not-slip-hike 😛 I have marked on the map which is the viewpoint that I like the most. Here, with Thousand Islands below.

You can go down from here to different places, one option marked. Road and minibuses from here.

If you don’t want to see the views and go another stream down head to the green line path. You will walk for a while on the sandy surface untill you arrive at the stream. It is not very steep. Easy to hike down.

There are some nice boulders to scramble on.

And on the very end, close to the reservoir below, a nice waterfall and pool where to end up your adventure.

Have a nice dip, remove your stink and walk down easy through a road to Siu Hong MTR station.