Midway from Repulse Bay to Deep Water bay there is a little island perfect to check your swimming or coasteering skills.

  • Beauty/fun: 5/10. Some nice rock formations. Small cave. Very different rock types in the East and West side of the island.
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): 3.5/10 The total swim around the island is a bit more than 2 kilometers long. So in the very worst case, if in any trouble, you would need to swim for less than a km to go back to safety. Tons of boats around. The scrambling, in general, is low and you can swim in and out in any of the few “difficult” sections without problems, not even too many urchins and barnacles in those.
  • The map

And the Garmin track.

Several buses going to Repulse Bay, 260 fastest from Central. Go down to the promenade and walk on it for a little while and you will see the island itself.

We had a little misunderstanding here. Before I had just swum from the promenade to the island itself. But one of the boat drivers from the Royal Hong Kong Yacht club let us get on his boat and when we asked him how much was the short ride, he asked us back if we were not members… Eh… Not really. Why then go to the island? Coasteering! 😛

The route is kinda simple. We just left the club behind and start walking East direction.


Leaving Repulse Bay beach behind. Soon you will see a little cave.


On the Southern side of the island.


There are very few compulsory swims. In her case swam a little bit extra to avoid any high scrambling.


That way keeping it extra safe. Ocean Park in front.


Trying a bit more technical wall.


Before arriving at the Western coast. Afar Deep Water.


And turn again and go back to the Club area. Here your choice… You can swim to the promenade on the other side, swim around the facilities, or trespass a bit…


Ending up in the same starting point or Deep Water. Showers and changing rooms available on either beach.

Everything you should know before coasteering.