A bit more complex but also very interesting stream going up the hills of Tai Mo Shan. Stairs-like falls included.

  • Beauty/fun: 7.5/10. Easy access, different options, almost all the waterfalls are climbable, with not many pools to dip into, but yes shower mode.
  • Difficulty: 7.5/10. Most of the path is not as complex, but a pretty high cliff and very slippery rocks, as soon as it rains a bit, increase the difficulty. No clear exits but after each section.
  • Map

See full screen and here the Garmin track of the second and third sections and back (red path) and adding the first section (blue).

The stream has four sections marked by hiking paths that cross it. You can walk up from Tsuen Wan MTR station or, if you want to avoid the extra concrete km, take taxi or minibus to Yuen Yuen Institute. You can skip the first section or head directly to the stream. If so look for the Buddhist temple and just next to it you will see the stream.

Find your way in (here for example) and start walking on the rocks. This section is not specially interesting. You will find just a small waterfall and a nice pool, but with so many huts and others around the water might not be the cleanest…


Either through the stream or concrete path, you will arrive at the dam in a bit more than half an hour.

Climb the stairs up and find your easy way on the left side.

But do not go up the left stream, cross to the right side and just follow up. Soon you will be in a sometimes wide stream.

Sometimes vines and other vegetation making the route more jungle like.

But the path is clear with quite some ribbons, ropes, etc. In case of doubt just jump into the water and find your way.

Almost all the waterfalls are climbable. You can find ways around too.

In general, they are small here.

The third section starts after the little bridge

The vegetation can be a little dense here again, but soon you will be walking in way more open space and the waterfalls start again.

Just after a pool, with some “stools” constructed with tiles around, time to start the really fun/high waterfall section.

Slope increases

and there is a succession of waterfalls

that you can either scramble within or find the way on the dry rocks around.

Perfect to cool down on hot summer days.

Exactly the waterfall above is one of the few that I would not suggest climbing unless you are very confident with your skills. Side path marked with ribbons on its right.

Views of the drop from above.

Climbing almost all the rest.

Carefully in the stream.

This waterfall is quite vertical again.

The ribbons mark the way up an almost vertical cliff too, on its right. If dry, the climb is not difficult but definitely not for beginners. In Sep17 there was a rope set to help the way up.

But do not take it for granted, at least once I’ve been there and find no rope and it could be damaged anyhow. I’ll recommend bringing your own (20m) to help weaker hikers. A fast climber waiting on the top of this waterfall.

Here onwards the stream is easier but still fun.

Last shower.

Bit more

of scrambling (optional easier side paths around)

and you will arrive at the crossing with a hiking path. You could go up a fourth section. Usually, we exit here, heading East through sometimes (little) bushy path.

And you will find paths heading to major spots in the area (reservoir, MacLehose…). In our case, we hiked down to the starting point

through a picturesque (more so when not hazy) route.

Update May 2018:

Two alternative fourth sections included in the map above. You can continue on the stream itself (violet line). The initial part includes several stairs like waterfalls and you even have a nice last little pool.

Later the vegetation starts to get more dense. But it is not the unpleasant (thorny, really close) jungle type. The stream can have no water in the upper section, connecting with a quite clear hiking path.

Another alternative is to take the aforementioned hiking path East direction and after little more than 200m find some red boulders on your left going uphill(green line). There might be (depending on the amount of rain in previous days) a waterfall. But soon the stream will disappear well below. Here the boulders become bigger and bigger. Fun scramble. Really good grip rocks, but beware of the holes… Sometimes high enough for a serious accident, if you are not careful. The views behind are spectacular.

Find your way out on the left side of the boulders. You will end up not far from the stream exit. From here on you have tons of options out. I have marked with a yellow line one that I like a lot. Woo Yang Shan and the “Rock Heaven Gate” (石天門) add some more boulders and views before heading down to the starting point or Shing Mun reservoir.

Pics and videos, drone footage of the boulder area included: