Quite some people hike the main pier to pier concrete crowded path in Lamma. Here a bit of everything else that the island can offer.

  • Beauty/fun: 4/10. There are quite some tunnels in the area. Pleasant dirt path routes partly within the woods. Several beaches. Nothing spectacular, but you can get a nice day out. There is good coasteering available, but almost nothing included here. I will write another post in the future.
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): 2-3/10. Most of the paths are clearly marked but can be bit confusing, as several options end in nowhere. Tunnels are short but not obvious to find.
  • The map

Garmin South hiking, North, access to the tunnel

There are two ferry piers in Lamma. Sok Kwu Wan is the one in the South of the island.

Ferries departing from Central every 90 min approx, bit less time on Sundays. From there we turned to the left (red line) and continue East direction on an easy concrete path which passes, among others, next to Shek Pai Wan.

A very nice bay and beach. The Family walk soon after turns right and up. In this fork continue South direction, left side.

Continue and just before arriving at Sham Wan you will see ribbons going up through the vegetation towards Mt Stenhouse.


The bushes can be quite dense and there might be thorny plants. Cover yourself and ascend slowly. After 50 or 60 meters altitude the path becomes clearer. You will find a way out going to the family walk again and down to the ferry. Marked on the map.

Otherwise continue your ascension to Mt Stenson, with quite some peculiar rocks, including the “Mushroom” or whatever you feel like calling it 😛

Due to some technical problems do not have mine, so using hkadventurer‘s pic. The rock is not in the path itself, as soon as you see it, if you want the pick, find the way through the bushes.

Nothing especially remarkable on the peak. You can mark one more hiked in your belt. The descent is similar.


There are some areas where you might need to use your hands to go safer on the sandy/rocky surface. But in general it is not complicated. Once you arrive at the forest area be careful. You might follow different ribbon paths.


Here the person in front (I was helping some people behind) did not realize and, although the plan was going up to Yung Shue Wan, we ended up going back to Sok Kwu Wan for some seafood lunch.


If you want to go North continue on the orange path heading to Lo So Shing beach.

I have added also another day GPS recording, starting this time from Yung Shue Wan ferry pier. Again, trying to avoid the main crowded path, as soon as you get out of the pier turn north. Looking back, the boats, the pier and the factory behind.


You are going to be walking on the family walk anyhow. So quite some concrete…

I have marked on the route with an X all the side paths that I would not suggest doing. Finally you will find a nice dirt path (green icon).


Which heads into some woods. Nice views and connection with the dirt path going on South direction. Soon you will see the Lamma Winds mill. Just going down and connecting with the concrete.

From here on, you have a road heading to the coast. No interesting unless you want to coasteer a not especially beautiful shoreline. I continued as much as possible on the dirt paths. Marked again with an X where not to go. In the map looks like a nice path to try with a lake in the middle and others.


But it is part of the YMCA Outdoor Centre, so unless you want to trespass…


Back to the dirt path and connection with the concrete, but beforehand you have the entrance to a WW2 tunnel. Go through the dirt path here within the trees.


Continue up till you arrive at a clearing. You will find, at least, three different paths leading to the three exits of the tunnel. Here the tiniest of all.


Through which I went sliding down 😀 Short video of it.

One of the exits had water up to ankle height, so I avoid it. The inner is short and easily walkable. Just be careful with centipedes and other animals that can be around.

After exploring the tunnel (there are more) I went up the hill, with the bay below, connecting with the family walk again.


Some more of concrete and turned after in this sign into the pergola path.

The pergola and views from there are nothing particularly interesting

but behind you will find the way (clear dirt & rock path) to an isolated nice beach.


Almost no one around when I have been there. And after some little easy coasteering connect with Lo So Shing beach.

Back again to concrete, connect with the family walk again. You can see Kamikaze cave.

Short straight tunnel. And go to Sok Kwu Wan ferry.