Nice stream with a lot of waterfalls and pools to dip into.

  • Difficulty: 5/10. Tons of ribbons marking the path. Several early exits. Very little rock scrambling required. Not good for those with vertigo, though.
  • The middle section is the easiest. The initial part requires most of the scrambling. The last stream section can be quite overgrown. Depending how many sections are hiked 2 to 6 hours total slow hike
  • Map, with the alternative exit route in blue. It says that we hiked 14km, but it is way shorter. Garmin glitch.

And the Garmin track.

The easiest route to arrive at the starting point is to take the MTR to Fanling station and from there minibus or taxi to Nam Chung children’s playground and toilets.

Once down in Nam Chung we started walking Southwards

into long shadeless concrete South Bay road.

After less than a kilometer you will find the entrance to Nam Chung Country trail.

But just continue walking on the road up to the end of Wilson Trail stage 10. Next to this gate you will find, on the right hand side, some ribbons guiding you to the stream entrance.

Since now on walking on the banks of the stream.

You will be walking in both, right and left, sides of the stream. The path is quite clear, but in case of doubt just find the ribbons.

Tons of beautiful pictures up the stream.

And quite some pools to dip into. Here we found a rope set up to climb to the small waterfall and jump into the water below.

In some areas the waterfalls are difficult to climb, but there are side paths to go through.

Just get close to the walls and walk carefully here.

From the wood area jumping back to the stream

and arriving at the only place where you need to use your hands to ascend.

I have found several times groups canyoning in the stream and this is a nice spot for abseiling.

Here a PhotoSphere from Google maps that allows you to see all this spot, for your easier reference. Afterward, the widest pool in the whole route with a shaded bank, perfect for a stop, eat and drink a bit, and continue up.

Here you have the first exit: Nam Chung trail crosses the stream for the first time. Continuing up on the rocks

you will see quite some waterfalls.

Going right to left to right…

Rainbow included falls.

Quite deep some of them. So you can try to


😛 Be careful, though. Cliff jumping is always a dangerous activity. Check beforehand how deep the pools are.

The jungle is always present, but the stream in these two first sections is quite open.

Hiking in this area continues being quite simple.

Another break

to cool down

before arriving at the exit number 2. In the mid right side of the pic, you can see the trail bridge crossing the stream

From this point onwards the stream gets way more overgrown. The slope is smaller, few hikers here, and vegetation grows into the stream itself.

If you want to keep your feet dry, you will need to cross quite some bushes.

and jump from rock to rock in the stream.

There are less pools

and waterfalls here.

But there are a few and, definitely, the water is extremely clean.

The upper you go the less water the stream carries, tiny creek, no more.

Navigating last part becomes a bit more tricky. Try to find ribbons and signs on the trunks, SW – W direction.

And finally, you will get into the intersection, again, with the Nam Chung trail.

Here we decided to go down to the same starting point. Just going up a bit and down the steps.

But you could continue the blue route in the map above and end up in the Sha Tau Kok road. Picture arriving at the early exit #1 mentioned.

And down to the road.