This cliff became recently way more known thanks to the award winning photography of Kelvin Yuen. If you want to go up in a challenging way there we go! For all possible (& easier) ways new post here.

Hike summary:

  • Beauty/fun: 7.5/10. Spectacular views above the city and challenging route
  • Difficulty: 8/10 There are not many hikers that use this path, overgrown in several areas, some little sections where you are climbing on an almost perpendicular wall (80°), some loose terrain areas. If in doubt try to find the ribbons, even if that requires going back down a bit.
  • Shortest distance to go up to Suicide cliff and down around 5-6km. Close to 15 if including Lion Rock too.
  • The map, which includes me running back to YauMaTei MTR (it was one of my training days)

And Garmin track.

You could avoid bit of concrete with other transportation, but in my case started in Choi Hung Station. Exit B


Clear Water Bay road up till this point.


As you can see in the Opencyclemaps there are other options to go up

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 4.58.31 pm

In my case took the one in the middle, which seems the steepest of all. Soon you will start to see ribbons and a bit overgrown path.


Once you arrive to this first big boulder, turn left and you will find the continuation of the path. Right is not the way.


Spiders and other animals seem the main users of it.


First tricky section passed. Vertical ascent. Just some meters and with the help of the tree, but be careful around.


You are getting into the most demanding part of the path. Can you see the red ribbon up in the picture? Hold tight with your hands and find good stepping points for your feet and continue going up. The earth around can be a little bit loose, so try to find steady rocks.


As soon as you turn your head you will be rewarded with wonderful views of the city below.


Another hiker coming from the easier path marked in the map above Chau Li Au (Garmin recording of that path).


Both paths meet and some little time later you will arrive


to Suicide Cliff itself. Here with couple of hikers preparing some food.


Impressive views.


But I decided to leave soon, as I could see the rain coming. Initially a light drizzle and views from Kowloon Peak.


And going down I saw how the storm was heading directly towards me…


From here you can walk down (Eastwards) some stairs that connect with MacLehose trail. But in my case I wanted to continue checking around, so I continued running/hiking North towards Middle Hill. Not precisely an open/easy path. If wet can be a bit slippery without proper shoes and walking in the bushes in big sections.


The rain hitting the cliff behind, but no lightnings, so no big problems. Otherwise I would be heading down fast…


No much views of the city for the next part, as I was within the clouds. With better weather you can enjoy here views to both the city and Sai Kung. Some kilometers later you connect with the concrete section of Wilson trail close to Sha Tin pass. I decided to include some more cliffs in the route. Continue up into Lion Rock country park.


Enjoying the tranquility of the place.


Although sometimes can be bit crowded with people in the most unexpected places.


I continued running on MacLehose trail.


With a little detour to check a climbing wall close to Lung Yan road.


Where the monkeys patrol.


And back down to the city.