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The Hunch Backs

Going up to Ngau Ngak Shan, also known as the Hunch Backs, the rough way. Beautiful views to both Sai Kung and Ma On Shan. Continue reading “The Hunch Backs”

South Heaven’s Gate

One of the most spectacular landscapes in Lantau. Climbing up and down on the crest of the hills. Continue reading “South Heaven’s Gate”

#Trypod HK adventures

Joining the #Trypod initiative with some podcasts that readers here might enjoy.

Continue reading “#Trypod HK adventures”

Stream up Sai Wan

One of the most popular streams in Saikung with waterfalls and pools to dip into. Continue reading “Stream up Sai Wan”

Gear maintenance

Some tips to try to keep your adventure gear in its best condition as possible. Continue reading “Gear maintenance”

Tunnel in HK trail

Short WW2 tunnel next to the main trail in Hong Kong Island. Continue reading “Tunnel in HK trail”

Suicide Cliff all the ways 

Suicide cliff seems to be one of the most searched routes here, so in this post I’ll show all the routes up there. Continue reading “Suicide Cliff all the ways “

Avoid chafing & blisters 

Chafing and blisters are very common among long distance athletes.

Continue reading “Avoid chafing & blisters “

Cape D’Aguilar cave

Little cave in Cape D’Aguilar peninsula, in the South of Hong Kong Island. Continue reading “Cape D’Aguilar cave”

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