HK outdoor adventures

Hiking, running, swimming every bit of Hong Kong

Au Pui Wan (坳背灣) stream

Stream 20 minutes walking distance from FoTan MTR station, with pools to dip into and different hiking options around.

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Tai Cho (大曹) stream

Going up almost to the peak of Tai Mo Shan in a fun and “easy-ish” stream, pools to dip into. What more can you ask for!? 🙂 Continue reading “Tai Cho (大曹) stream”

Nei Sham stream

One of the several streams in Lantau. A big nice waterfall, several smaller ones and big boulders to climb. Continue reading “Nei Sham stream”

Abandoned villages route

The North of the Plover Cove country park is full of abandoned little villages. Nice walk or run with history around. Continue reading “Abandoned villages route”

Trips: volcanoes Indonesia

Continuing the trip series, now trekking in Indonesia. Volcanoes, beaches, and waterfalls not far from HK. Continue reading “Trips: volcanoes Indonesia”

Tai Shing stream

If any place has been my main playground in Hong Kong in the last years, that must be all the area around this stream.

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Shek O coasteering

Just next to Shek O Beach you have a wonderfully diverse coastline, with caves, waterfalls and even dragon eggs! 😀 Continue reading “Shek O coasteering”

Middle Island coasteering

Midway from Repulse Bay to Deep Water bay there is a little island perfect to check your swimming or coasteering skills. Continue reading “Middle Island coasteering”

Lamma, tunnels & more

Quite some people hike the main pier to pier concrete crowded path in Lamma. Here a bit of everything else that the island can offer. Continue reading “Lamma, tunnels & more”

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