HK outdoor adventures

Hiking, running, swimming every bit of Hong Kong

Middle Island coasteering

Midway from Repulse Bay to Deep Water bay there is a little island perfect to check your swimming or coasteering skills. Continue reading “Middle Island coasteering”

Lamma, tunnels & more

Quite some people hike the main pier to pier concrete crowded path in Lamma. Here a bit of everything else that the island can offer. Continue reading “Lamma, tunnels & more”

Repulse Bay coasteering

You can visit some of the main beaches of Hong Kong island in a different way: directly through the coastline!

Continue reading “Repulse Bay coasteering”

Yau Tong coasteering

Coasteering from an MTR station (Yau Tong) to another MTR station (Tiu Keng Leng). Anything more convenient required? šŸ˜› Continue reading “Yau Tong coasteering”

Ap Lei Pai coasteering

Beautiful coast bit spoiled by “civilization” but a fun coasteering nevertheless. If you are new to this, please, be careful.

Continue reading “Ap Lei Pai coasteering”

KaiKungLeng – TaiToYan

Kai Kung Leng & Tai To Yan are very picturesque ridges in the Northern part of Hong Kong, really close to the border. Continue reading “KaiKungLeng – TaiToYan”

Outpaths around HK s5

There are tons of different options to be hiking next to the Hong Kong trail, section 5 in this case, but completely out of the crowd. This is one of them, with a bit of adventure. Continue reading “Outpaths around HK s5”

SheungTam & TaiTam mound

Did you know that parallel to the Hong Kong trail section 6, meters apart, you have a little gorge and a big waterfall to enjoy into?Ā  Continue reading “SheungTam & TaiTam mound”

To the Peak by streams

A completely different way of arriving at one of the most touristy places in Hong Kong, perfect for a rainy short adventure in the Island. Continue reading “To the Peak by streams”

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