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10,000 Buddhas & a Cross

Sometimes friends ask for an easy walk or newcomers want to see touristy destinations. This includes both.

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Lo Fu Tau

A nice ridge above Discovery Bay. You can add different paths within the North Lantau country park for a “challenging” trail run or hike.

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Pat Sin Leng

“The Ridge of the Eight Immortals” (translation of Pat Sin Leng) is one of the most photogenic in Hong Kong, good for a “demanding” hike or run.

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North Dragon stream

Next to Wong Lung Han you have a stream which is mostly known for its ending. The Celestial Book, two almost perfectly perpendicular walls that resemble gods’ writing.

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Ma On Shan mine

Close to the now urban area of Ma On Shan the biggest mining activity in Hong Kong was recorded in the 20th century. Remains are still there.

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Gin Drinkers Line tunnels

Easy hike, some “caving”, testing navigation skills and visiting part of Hong Kong’s history close to the city. Good dry winter plan.

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Lion Tail & Rock

Lion Rock might be one of the most iconic natural lookouts of Hong Kong. Here several adventurous routes up including Lion Tail and Horse Ridge.

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Sai Kung East

Sai Kung East country park has some of the best beaches in Hong Kong + Sharp Peak + some interesting bush walk and coasteering.

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Lin Ma Hang

Bushwalking, the border, the restricted areas recently open for the public, an old mine… A nice little adventure up North next to Shenzhen.

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