The North of the Plover Cove country park is full of abandoned little villages. Nice walk or run with history around.

  • Beauty: 3/10
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): 1.5/10. Really easy path. Only included here cause its remoteness and being out of the ordinary hiking paths.
  • Map

To arrive at the starting point take MTR to Tai Po market and from there bus or taxi to Bride’s Pool. Walk down the stairs and drop by Mirrored pool.

After, just head towards Wu Kau Tan and the path to Sam Tsuen. Among the trees next to a calm stream

that you will need to cross several times.

Be careful in some areas you might find surprising hikers

Endemic and endangered freshwater red crab species. Easily “spotable” in this route, but you might encounter them next to every stream that you hike in Hong Kong.

Arriving at the sea with big bird flocks that you can see in the area.

After 5 kilometers more or less you will find a restaurant

The route is simple with tons of signs to guide you

Soon you will start to see derelict buildings.

Arriving at the Lai Chi Wo entrance viewpoint (up the stairs)

Next to the coastline, high or low tide.

Arriving to the village.

This is not fully abandoned. Some parts of it are really well maintained

Including the Geoheritage centre. Out of the town

into the coastline again.

Some stairs ups and downs.

Tons of tombs on the way.

Families complaining against the government.

And completely abandoned houses.

And nature taking control of the territory.

Go through the corridor.

Steepest slope up and you will start to see Mainland China: Yantian, one of the six districts of Shenzhen.

For quite some kilometers that is the view. Completely unpopulated Hong Kong where you are hiking and Highrises less than a kilometer away at the other side of the sea.

More tombs. This one with a figure that looks like controlling the position.

And arrive to Tai Wan, Kuk Po pier.

You have some restaurants around here and bit more than 3 kilometers to the entrance of Luk Keng village.

Minibuses going to the MTR.