Coasteering from an MTR station (Yau Tong) to another MTR station (Tiu Keng Leng). Anything more convenient required? 😛

  • Beauty/fun: 6/10. Almost in all the route you will see the city in front or behind, but surprisingly the water quality can be quite decent here. We even found a secluded nice beach midway.
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): 2.5/10. You can do it completely dry. Big sections of the route are on slopes, but the grip of the rock is quite good. Several early exits if necessary. Tons of fishermen around on weekends that can provide tips. We even found several chalk marked arrows in the initial section.
  • The map

ViewRanger map.

Yau Tong MTR station exit A2. Down the stairs to the street.

You will walk into the “seafood street”. Tons of restaurants in the area showing their “goods”.

Continue close to the coastline and soon you will pass a temple and arrive at a plain where you can find quite some photographers.

Just behind the “wall” on the left is where you will start your real coasteering. North direction, leaving Chai Wan behind.


Initially the rocks do not look very “reliable”, in a continuous steep incline. But, even with not specially grippy shoes, carefully you will be able to travess this section. If in doubts try to find arrows or talk with the fishermen around.


There are quite some interesting formations like these different color strata.


I already mentioned the continuous slope in some of the areas.


Although there are some others with more standard Hong Kong coast feeling.


Fishermen boats around all the way.


The scrambling sections are not long nor complicated.


A little tunnel to go through in her case, me climbing above.


Seeing clearly already Tseung Kwan O area in front.


But before


you will arrive to several beaches.


This first one was by far the nicest. The water was quite clean, further from the city, and the sand could have bit less of trash, but definitely not bad for a completely isolated beach in HK with no cleaning services.


You have several exits around. If you continue you will walk into a second beach.


Just before arriving at RockXplorers beach, third one, we found (Early May 2017) a fence to avoid crossing to a construction area just behind.


There was a rope and ribbons going up to the road.


But the path is anything but pleasant. Climbing up holding to the vines and thorny vegetation around.


Knowing what we would hike, I would have sneaked in the construction site (not working, weekend) through any of the big holes on the fence or swim around to arrive at the beach and take the stairs up to the road.


From here onwards you will walk on the concrete to the MTR station.

Only tricky sections in this route are those where the streams above make wet the “sanded down” rocks. It can be quite slippery. Just try to avoid them or go down into the sea.

Everything you should know before coasteering.