Kai Kung Leng & Tai To Yan are very picturesque ridges in the Northern part of Hong Kong, really close to the border.Within the Lam Tsuen country park.

  • Beauty/fun: 5/10. Hiking on the ridge with nice views. I like to go there in different seasons and see the colors changing, super green in monsoon season, or really brown after the winter.
  • Difficulty: 3.5/10. The path is mostly clear but in the most difficult route. Dirt path mainly with some slippery/sandy surface sections that require good traction shoes. The path is extremely exposed, with barely no trees in 3/4 of it. Steep in various sections.
  • The Map

And the Garmin track of the most difficult version and the ViewRanger of the easiest.

The starting point is on Fung Kat Heung road, around HKD40 taxi ride from Yuen Long Station. Exactly here is where usually start going up.

Next to the post.

Going up the stairs next to the electric grid.

Completely brown.

Or green.

Quite windy sometimes.

Continuous up

and downs.

With Shenzhen and its highrises just down there.

This route is used by mountain bikers. Here we found them when we were heading down to Fan Kam road.

You could exit here. You can take buses back to MTR stations around. To continue to Tai To Yan I have tried different routes, marked on the map. The easiest way up would start going Northernmost (blue line). The stairs that start here just behind the rubbish collection point for example.

Long stairs section initially among the bushes and later completely exposed again.


It is quite some way up till you start to be within the forest. Nice walk/run place.

The second easiest option would be some of the several intermediate paths bit Southern.

And the most complicated of all tried so far is the main path marked on the map. The start is not so bad.

But soon you will be hiking on a very overgrown path. Yup, they are on the path, not lost 😛

Some steep sections.

Till you arrive to the connection with the ridge path itself.

If you are looking for some “bush walking fun” you can go for this option. Otherwise the easy version adds some nice forest section, so I might recommend that one.

In any case, onwards you will be walking again on the picturesque path.

It is quite common to get clouds around.

Here hiding all the hills hiked before on Kai Kung Leng.

Last slopes down, in this case running.

And end up next to the bus station close to the entrance to Kadoorie Farm.

From where you can go back to Tai Wo or Kam Sheung Road MTR Station.