Little cave in Cape D’Aguilar peninsula, in the South of Hong Kong Island.

Long ago that I had heard and read about it (wrong entry point marked in the link, be careful) and some months ago I went to discover it. Later on, I went with a friend to show it to her and also have some perspective in the video 😛 so that you can picture it easier.

  • Beauty/fun: 3/10. It is OK because there are not many caves in HK, but it is nothing special.
  • Difficulty (check this link if new here, this is not your standard HK hiking web): 3/10. If you are able to rock scramble a bit and you are not scared of tight spaces this should be easy. I am not very convinced of the strength of the cave structure though… Beware of any rock movements.
  • Twenty minutes to arrive at the entrance. Less than an hour and half to visit all. Twenty minutes back to the bus station. You can combine this with Dragon’s Back reverse path.
  • Map till there

And the Garmin track.

MTR to Shau Kei Wan. Bus or minibus heading to Shek O. If you take the bus number 9 it will stop in the roundabout. If taking a minibus you might need to tell the driver to let you in the entrance of Cape D’Aguilar road. Once in the road just continue walking on the concrete and you will arrive here.

There are several ribbons hanging on the trees above. Climb easily up the rocks.


And in a couple of minutes you will arrive at the cave entrance. Time to get your torch or headlamp ready with the views of Stanley behind.


A video of the next hour.

The cave is quite narrow in some areas and we decided to leave the backpacks behind after entering. I was using a 900 lumens torch (Vs her 170) and the video looks therefore quite clear. In reality, in some places, lower chambers mainly, you are in complete darkness. In other areas the light from outside comes in. It is not your standard cave, carved by a river into the mountain, but the formation of different big rocks piled around. We found several ribbons inside and also chalk marks (there are some more arrows from me now). You need to be comfortable with tight spaces and also ascending/descending using your hands.


In some chambers the correct way is not obvious but with little patience finding your way is not complicated. It took us 70 minutes to explore the whole thing and come back again to pick up our bags.

I am not very sure how safe the whole structure is, though. By my limited caving knowledge I would say that there must be rock movements every now and then and you definitely don’t want to be there when is happening… Coming out of the cave.


And back to the bus. You can either wait for bus number 9 in the roundabout or walk a bit more to the main (Shek O) road where all the bus and minibuses go through.