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Lion Tail & Rock

Lion Rock might be one of the most iconic natural lookouts of Hong Kong. Here several adventurous routes up including Lion Tail and Horse Ridge.

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Abandoned villages route

The North of the Plover Cove country park is full of abandoned little villages. Nice walk or run with history around. Continue reading “Abandoned villages route”

SheungTam & TaiTam mound

Did you know that parallel to the Hong Kong trail section 6, meters apart, you have a little gorge and a big waterfall to enjoy into?  Continue reading “SheungTam & TaiTam mound”

To the Peak by streams

A completely different way of arriving at one of the most touristy places in Hong Kong, perfect for a rainy short adventure in the Island. Continue reading “To the Peak by streams”

The Hunch Backs

Going up to Ngau Ngak Shan, also known as the Hunch Backs, the rough way. Beautiful views to both Sai Kung and Ma On Shan. Continue reading “The Hunch Backs”

Stream up Sai Wan

One of the most popular streams in Saikung with waterfalls and pools to dip into. Continue reading “Stream up Sai Wan”

Suicide Cliff all the ways 

Suicide cliff seems to be one of the most searched routes here, so in this post I’ll show all the routes up.

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Gon Pak stream

Remote stream with several fun waterfalls to climb (in) to. Continue reading “Gon Pak stream”

Dragon’s Back to Shek O

Classic Dragon’s Back route with a little adventure twist. Continue reading “Dragon’s Back to Shek O”

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